Xsinergia 自动化网上交易的投资声称是位于马拉加, 西班牙. Xsinergia希望你在比特币投资与回报 3% 日常. 官方网站和登录页面为https://xsinergia.com/site/login-site.

Xsinergia被认为是 安全, 因为它是新的,不规范和顶级金融主管机关批准, 像简称CySEC欧洲, 英国FCA, 澳大利亚ASIC和美国CFTC.



Xsinergia is a multi level crypto investment that wants you to deposit to any of their 3 category of investors and start making return. The first level includes the Start-up, Beginners and intermediate and the promise a return of %6 for this level. The second level is the Advannced, Masters, Professionals and Executives and promises a return of 8%. The highest level includes the Investors and legends and promise 10%. All the levels includes a bonuses.

MLM or maybe pyramid schaems are illegal scam designed to steal your money.

Xsinergia mlm
Xsinergia MLM Scam


These scam artists have decided to clone a Crypto trading website and steal funds from unsuspecting investors.

A true investment service will post copies of their license and registration for all to see. 通过这样做, they show transparency and give users a chance to verify the details. We checked with the EU authorities and no results were found.

然而, we saw that this service have attracted the attention of regulators as illegal service. Xsinergia have been sanctioned by the Spanish financial regulator CNMV for operating illegally in Europe.


After what we have learned, it is clear Xsinergia is a scam. Mark all their emails as Spam and never click on any links sent by their email marketing team. Warn your family and friends from joining any of their affiliate programs.

After going through all evidence, we are sure using this platform will lead to more misery than good. Adding this platform to our scam blacklist will protect our readers from falling into this trap.


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