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独奏首都 是无牌外汇及差价合约经纪,实际上是一家总部位于爱沙尼亚欺诈.

独奏首都 ( 据推测,其主要集中在外汇专业的porfolio恢复公司, 指数, 商品和共享. They even offer savings account which might seem like a nice gesture on their part but it is a trap.

它提供这些类型的投资机会,公司必须遵守,这是非常严格的监管机构所规定的法律. 当我们试图确定这家企业的合法性, 我们找不到任何法律文件. We have confirmed through FCA, 这意味着刑事起诉等待运行这家公司的人来说,这公司不是由他们监督.

甚至他们的平台上,他们无法忍受有关他们的许可证的任何细节,显示了一种道德价值,他们保持了. The support team of this firm can be contacted through a contact form, 电子邮件或通过电话.

办公地址: 哈留县, 塔林, 市中心区, Roosikrantsi 2-567K, 1011

电话号码: +44-20-8089-1061

支持: [email protected], [email protected]

合规: [email protected]

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  1. My first contact with SoloCapitals was with Alley Floyd, who told me that I can earn a lot of money by deposit 250€.
    I accepted that and she connected me to a broker named Michael Stevens. he invested my money and show me that he had maid a profit with them. If I wanted big money I had to invest more he said.I invested more money and after some time my account increased to 60 000€.Then I wanted to withdraw, but it was a problem ,because of the big profit I maid I had to deposit another 12 000€ to “平衡” the account.After some hesitation I did that.Now another issue came up when I wanted to withdraw.My bank SEB blocked the money he told me. I didn’t believe him and asked my bank about it. Naturally they would not block a deposit to a customer. I asked Michael Stevens to send me a copy of paymentorder. He did that, and I saw immediately that it was false, because the BIC code doesn’t exist.I told him that, and he went nuts and connected me to his manager Norman Little ( a reel pig ) who threatened me, said that I ‘d better watch up, and that I never going to get any money. After that Michael Stevens has called me a lot of times because he want to send my money, but I have to change to another bank.I’m not going to do that. Instead of that I have reported Solocapitals to FCA, Action fraud and my lokal police
    The persons I’ve been in contact with is:Alley Floyd, who acted fraudulent by sending me fake documents about the company.Michael Stevens, a so called well educated fraudulent broker. Norman Little, a disgusting little person. and Sheryl Brown, a confused little helper. I hope they will be put behind bars

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