点子制作 声称它是外汇信号提供商,拥有超过一千客户. They tell us that their signals service was founded in 2015, “and today is one of the largest brands in the global Forex signal industry”. The service have been successful in showing outstanding performance over a pretty long period of time. They also want the trading community to understand that the forex market is designed for long term trading and such their signals comes to suite this approach. They do the action rather than talking, which is why they believe their results speak louder than a thousand words.

在这篇综述, we are going to analyze the service and if it is good, we will end up including it in our list of the most recommended trading products and services. 然而, if we find that quality of the service which Pips Make are providing is substandard, then you can expect that we will not recommend it but rather give it a terrible rating based on the things that we have seen on their website.



We are told that the accuracy of the Pips Make signals service is 90%. 该供应商承诺的风险较低, 高回报的收益率与每月目标 1200 点子. All of this is good but we are treating these statements are marketing fluff because there is no substantial proof to verify these claims. 该 3 他们希望让人们关注他们的服务方面, 为他们提供外汇信号, 外汇图表分析和贸易复印机贸易商寻找一个更自动化的解决方案.

Do they have verified trading results?

点子的开发者提出的是提供后台机器人的测试,而不是提供或链接他们的销售网页与第三方共享网站,如myfxbook. 返回测试不是很可靠的这些天. 古时候, 厂商可以用回测试获得通过,甚至让很多销售. 但事情已经改变,因为和供应商都需要使用像myfxbook第三方声明共享平台. 这是很容易在这里创建一个帐户甚至在一个模拟账户测试机器人的目的. So lack of verified trading performance is a big fat blow to the team behind this robot. They will need to come up with another strategy in order to convince buyers that the robot can produce similar results to the ones we see on its back tests.


点子提出复核 2

一般, at this point of the review we would provide more in-depth research into the Maxi Signals customer feedback. 然而, despite claiming to have over 1000 members, there is no client feedback on this service anywhere online. 希望, 这次审查可以作为交易员认为使用集线器这项服务,离开他们的意见和评论. 一旦我们得到来自社会各界的更多信息.

回顾判决 – Pips Make is a scam. 谨防

其他诈骗,以避免包括 外汇信号和投资


许多外汇信号服务承诺结果, 但市场不断变化, 和 外汇 is especially susceptible to global events, 这样承诺的结果可能无法如期实现. 警惕,使有关的利润保证任何服务. Some traders can use forex signals as a crutch instead of learning to spot opportunities in the market themselves. offers a variety of services to help forex traders of all experience levels. 您可以加入其交易仪表板和有证照的经纪人在世界各地连接. 你可以得到关于何时贸易和地方的意见,把你的止损. 所需最低存款 $250. 首先在尝试免费试玩


我们更希望开发人员阐述这个机器人的交易策略以深入的方式. 当然还有没有交易表现已经提供. We 相信这个机器人不能参加好机器人的联赛.

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