Williams and CO Trading Review – Is williamsandcotrading.co.uk a Scam?

Williams and CO Trading is a new signals service, offering up to 4-5 signals alert per month and an online trading resources. Unfortunately the signal vendor did not provide us with the strategy in which their signals are based on and the best approach to use the signals. So if this much information on Williams and CO Trading is enough for you and now instead of finding out the details on Williams and CO Trading, if you want to find out the real signals provider, then you can find the list of legit forex trading tools by clicking this link:- http://scamea.com/auto-trading

Williams and CO Trading Review

Williams and CO Trading vendor sends client signals on about 30 forex pairs. The cost of receiving trading alert is $75, though you can can grab a trial version for $30. The signals are sent across all devices and it comes with the Forex pair to trade, Buy/sell, entry and exit price.

”Chris” is the name of the CEO and founder of Williams and CO Trading company. He claims that he has 7 years of trading experience, but throughout our investigations, we were not able to verify this claim. And although their trading conditions and result seem good and enticing to all traders, we would never recommend Williams and CO Trading to any trader because the failed to reveal the actual trading strategy they use to recommend entry and exit price. We feel that the website is not transparent enough to gain our trust.

Also, this signals center recommends that traders should deposit $2000 to make use of the signals. However, during our review of their result, we discovered that they did everything possible to hide their trading balance. Now, the only reason why they would hide their trading account balance, is that they don’t want potential clients to see that they are using their own signals on a low budget account.

Review Verdict – Currently we don’t recommend them

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Williams and CO Trading Review Conclusion

Most of our reviews don’t talk good about Forex signal services when it comes to discussing trading methodology. This is the case with Williams and CO Trading and we, therefore, believe that their trading signals should not be trusted. The reason is that we don’t know how the actually arrive at the entry and exit price the send to us. You know that this signals can be randomly generated since only the signal vendor knows what is happening behind.

We need them to present us with details about their trading methods and experience. From there, we can scrutinize authenticity and decide whether this Forex signal provider is up to par with trustworthy. Otherwise, we can’t be sure whether the results which they are showing us on the table are accurate. At the moment, we are not recommending Williams and CO Trading. You can do well with these tools.

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