Weed Profit System Review

Weed Profit System is a new automated trading app allegedly designed to make you enormous profits. Interesting, you don’t have to know much about trading before using this software. It practically does every thing for you.

Note: Alternative to this Weed Profit System Scam is GPS Forex Robot

Considering this is a scam software, we weren’t exactly expecting them to let us know who the owners of the software is. These scammers usually never reveal their true identity when they plan to defraud investors.

Even more interestingly, it goes for free. We can imagine how exciting it can be to know that making money can done for free and come this easily. But unfortunately these are not real.

The Weed Profit System is just another dirty scam cooked up by a group of mischievous people to drain your money. The claims of making you a profit of $1000 per day is out rightly ridiculous and unrealistic. In fact the only group of people that will make profits are the creators of this.

Weed Profit System Review

Weed Profit System is apparently an automated trading software which enables for you to trade marijuana stocks. It is claimed to be managed by a team of highly experienced analysts and works by analyzing penny marijuana stocks from which it generates profitable signals used in executing the trades.

Their story is quite simple and untrue, in fact it is a piece of junk. We are familiar with such stories used as a bait to draw-in investors. Don’t believe these stories and also don’t believe this software because it is just a fast way to lose your money rather than gain some profits.

Weed Profit System

Weed Profit System Scam

Weed Profit System is clearly a worthless software that has nothing to offer which is why they do not have any genuine review or testimonials. So they resort to fabricating fake testimonials in order to fool prospective investors.

On the WeedProfitSystem.com website, you’ll find the supposed customers claiming to have made thousands of money using the software. These are all fabricated. As a matter of fact, these so-called customers are paid Fiverr actors brought to tell lies and probably know nothing about trading. The idea in this is to trick you into falling for their scam.

Fake Trading Platform

According to their sales, the want investors to believe that they will get a unique automated cannabis trading platform, but this is yet another false and misleading claim.

If you are conversant with some of this trading software recently, you will notice that the platform that Weed Profit System is selling can also be seen at Bitcoin Code Scam. They only changed the name and logo. Every other thing is the same.

How the scam work

While Weed Profit System comes off as a platform intended for marijuana investors it is actually an affiliate based operation. Traders who are interested in enrolling with their platform are redirected to an offshore broker where they make a compulsory minimum $250 deposit. After you make your deposit, you will realize that the Weed Profit System will not trade Canopy Growth or Tilray stocks but rather deliver signals on forex pairs. However, you will continue anyways because you cannot withdraw your money from the unlicensed broker. The software is a crap and you will loose all your money to a scam broker.

Being a commission based system, the more investors are willing to deposit upfront with Weed Profit System, the more money they get from the rogue brokers the work with.

Weed Profit System Review Conclusion

Weed Profit System is not a trustworthy operation, the reality is that they are nothing more than hungry individual. Capitalizing on the recent cannabis craze by creating a false sense of expectations through an automated software, while promoting a business model that is not only not profitable but highly fictitious and too good to be true is a telltale sign we are dealing with an fraudulent investment opportunity.

Review Verdict: Weed Profit System is a Scam!


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