Wave Liberator EA Review

Wave Liberator EA by Expert4x Group is introduced as a trading robot designed to enhance the success of their previous Profit Retriever EA. This new system combines the strengths of the Profit Retriever with a selective entry strategy to improve overall trading effectiveness. However, several aspects raise concerns about its reliability and optimum effectiveness.

Wave Liberator EA

About Wave Liberator EA

The Wave Liberator is described as a continuously trading Forex Expert Advisor (EA) utilizing a swing trading approach. It aims to provide a selective entry by identifying new highs or lows when breaking out of a predetermined range, inspired by the successful techniques of turtle stock traders. The EA incorporates a proprietary profit retriever process to manage trades effectively.

Wave Liberator EA Features

However, the lack of live trading results and an unproven track record cast doubt on its actual performance.


  • US Broker Compatible: Supports FIFO, Hedging, and can be used on low leverage.
  • Powerful Technical Analysis: Utilizes a robust technical analysis entry signal.
  • Profit Retriever Process: Implements a proven process to add more trades to losing positions.
  • Reduced Exposure: Entry points are likely to be at the end of a trend, reducing exposure to runaway trades.
  • Risk Management Options: Offers various risk management options to lower risk and drawdowns.
  • Continuous Trading: Designed for set-and-forget trading with no manual intervention.
  • Drawdown Stop: Closes all open trades when a specified maximum drawdown is reached.

Wave Liberator EA Trading Strategy

The Wave Liberator employs a swing trading approach, identifying breakout opportunities based on recent highs or lows. The trader can choose to enter trades in the direction of the breakout or treat it as a bounce opportunity and trade against the breakout. The EA manages losing positions by opening additional trades in the same direction, forming a basket or run. Risk management options include a drawdown stop, traling stop, and various settings for controlling lot sizes and trade parameters.

Wave Liberator EA Strategy

The risk management adjustments lack empirical backing, making it challenging for users to make informed decisions.


The Wave Liberator is offered at different price points, with discounts for existing clients, YouTube subscribers, and premium forum members. The standalone Wave Liberator EA is priced at $1200 for new clients and $600 for existing clients.

Wave Liberator Package

Spending a significant amount on an unproven system poses a considerable risk.

Wave Liberator EA Pros and Cons


  1. Selective Entry Strategy: Utilizes a strategic entry approach based on breakout patterns.
  2. Robust Risk Management: Offers a range of risk management options and settings for controlling drawdowns.
  3. Continuous Trading: Designed for set-and-forget trading, suitable for traders seeking automation.
  4. Flexible Pricing: Different pricing options and discounts are available for various customer groups.


  1. Lack of Trading Results: As of now, there are no live trading results provided for the Wave Liberator, making it challenging to assess its performance.
  2. Premature Launch: The EA is launched without a track record, and potential buyers are advised to consider delaying their purchase.


The Wave Liberator EA presents a promising trading solution, combining the strengths of the Profit Retriever with a selective entry strategy. However, the lack of live trading results and the premature launch raise concerns. Traders should be patient and carefully evaluate the EA’s performance once live results become available and consider the potential risks associated with its unproven track record.

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