V12 Trading Review

V12 Trading is a new Forex trading signals provider that claims to have over 6 years of experience. With V12 Trading, you will allegedly get 88% winning Forex signals directly sent to your phone with the telegram app.

No trading results to back the 88% win rate claim. Traders claim to have 6 years of trading experience but no identity or trading background.

We feel that this is a deceptive signal provider. You must only rely on professional trading tools to make money as an inexperienced trader.

V12 Trading Review

V12 Trading Review

V12 Trading is claiming to offer the best Forex trading signals. Their telegram channel is also offering VIP signals. Traders expect 3000+ pips/month when you use one of their recommended services.

V12 Trading is also offering a copy trading service for those who don’t know how to trade. V12 Trading Signals is also claiming that their signals have an 88% accuracy rate, a figure that we’re seeking to verify. In addition to this, they’re claiming that 95% of their traders are making money trading forex.

Of course, some traders are never sure whether to trust these signal providers or not. This V12 Trading Signals review looks at the quality of the signals, their trading experience, and complaints that traders have raised (if any).

Ultimately, I will help you make up your mind about whether or not to use this Forex signal provider.

V12 Trading Strategy

The vendor’s website is quite clean. However, they’re omitting some useful information that traders deserve to know.

For example, we don’t know the actual trading strategy behind their trading signals.

This vendor does not disclose their trading strategy to anyone. This information is as important to traders as the identity and trading background of the owners of this business.

So now that they’ve failed to reveal their trading methodology, subscribers can only trade their signals blindly.

Professional traders nowadays will never use signals from vendors who don’t disclose their trading logic.

V12 Trading Result

This signal vendor provides a slide show section known as “Our Past Results”.

As usual, what is published therein is disappointing since the vendor is only providing screenshots of alleged trades and profits. There’s no transparency in this signal report. No third party has verified those results.

V12Trading Results

Most signal vendors (not just V12 Trading) are using this trick to dupe naive traders.

We usually prefer the Myfxbook.com account for statement sharing of trading results.

This platform has better analytics and results cannot be interfered with.

Screenshots of supposed trade profits just don’t count.

In the meantime, those of you who want to start trading with a verified trading tool can take advantage of these trading tools.


While the website of this signal provider is clean and straight to the point, that is the only advantage they provide visitors with. We also like the fact that they recommend you use your preferred broker.

The negatives include a lack of transparency since the signal vendor cannot demonstrate that their signals can trade with the stated accuracy rate.

Unverified figures in trading just don’t count. We also have issues with their anonymous nature.

They claim to have 6 years of trading experience but who exactly are these traders and what is their experience?

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