USA Forex Signal Review – Scam or Not

USA Forex signal as the name suggests is supposed to be targeting traders from the United States. However, during our review of the USAForexSignal, we discovered that this is a misnomer. The USA Forex Signal indeed stated that their service is available in up to 400 countries worldwide. We like the fact the vendor provided many routes to sending trading signals, but they need to provide proof of where and who is sending those signals. The lack of information about their trading experts is a major issue so before trading with their signals service make sure you read the following review.

USA Forex Signal Review

We like the fact that the USA Forex Signal vendor narrowed their signals to only the major currency pairs. They did not try to entice traders by including variety of asset types like what we saw during the review of FX Premiere. Their are little information about the trading strategy which the stated is based on technical analysis, trading channels and various market trends. Traders need to know more about the trading methodology in order to know the best approach to follow their signals.

The USA Forex Signal presents 4 accounts to purchase. With $168 you can purchase the platinum account which is the highest. In addition to email signals,  the USA Forex Signal platinum account comes with signals sent via Whatsapp, Skype and Telegram. The remaining 3 accounts are fairly differentiated with price and validity of license.

With regards to the forex signals they send, the signals comes with currency pair traded, entry price, target price, stop loss, direction of trade(BUY/SELL). If their trading analysts are bold enough to show themselves and were providing assurance that they will not scam traders, definitely many people would choose USA Forex Signal for their trading. But unfortunately, there are many red flags and disadvantages that are associated with this specific signal dealer. It would be a disaster to ignore these red flags.

USA FOrex Signals account types

Undisclosed signal frequency

Now the signals and alert sent to your email, Whatsapp, Skype or telegram does not come at a specific frequency. You don’t know how many signals to trade in a day. We know that the frequency of trading signals is important as the actual accuracy. In this case, their is no free trial to see how the signals come. A higher frequency of trading signals received can maximize your trading opportunities, but in the case of loosing signals, your account will be wiped out in seconds. Again, even if you are an experienced trader already, lower frequency will damage your trading account because it will not let you achieve your full potential in that trading account. So the baseline is that a beginner should keep it low whereas advanced traders should receive signals frequently. Also, always test a signals on a trial mode first to see how it works.

Trading Result


The USA Forex Signal presented a performance results updated daily and monthly. Like we said earlier, we do not know who the USA Forex Signals trading experts are and where they are operating from. So, their is no way we can say that the result is indeed true since their is no corporate details to stand for it. Even if they choose to be anonymous, their are live statement sharing services in which they can make their results verifiable. They deliberately do not want to be watched and choose to present the result they way the want it.

With statement sharing sites like myfxbook and FXBlue, you can see the result of a vendor as dated back to 2015. With that, you can know the quality of signals they are sending.

Look at the result table, you can only see a date and a figure under each currency pair. The figures allegedly represent P/L. This is not the case with myfxbook in which you can see database of entry price, net profit etc.


Review Verdict : USA Forex Signal is a scam

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USA Forex Signal Review Conclusion

The USA Forex Signal isn’t our ideal type of Forex trading signals. Including it here would be disastrous because we have no clue about its style of trading, no verified trading result and also the poorly designed website shows that the developer didn’t spend a lot of time in creating it.


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