SV3 Trading Review

SV3 Trading is yet another Forex trading signals with a 3 ”’VIP Signals” subscription. Sharply, you will notice that SV3 Trading is claiming a 90-95% success rate with an ROI of up to 5000 pips/month. We’ve never heard of a professional trader maintaining a 90% win rate. Their advertisement is absurd.

SV3 Trading runs a free Telegram channel at with 25,000 members and we suspect that this is where signals are dispatched for copy-pasting.

However, we don’t know who owns or runs this operation yet. The trader or team of traders behind SV3 Trading has not been introduced to the community. We hope this is something the vendor will work on soon if they want to gain a star in any professional review. As it currently stands, this does not inspire any trust.

SV3 Trading Review

SV3 Trading Review

Today’s review focuses on SV3 Trading, a signal provider that delivers 5-15 signals/day and claims up to 5000 pips/month with a daily pip recount. They also claim that the signals are managed by “experienced traders” with 6 years of experience.

According to SV3 Trading’s sales pitch, they are a team of traders that specialize in the Forex market. Their professional traders study and analyze the market to offer you the best investment opportunities.  They also tell traders that with SV3 Trading, You can generate income from anywhere in the world, operating with your mobile or PC.

We would have appreciated it very much if the vendor provided their profiles for purposes of verifying their trading background and experience.

SV3 Trading Packages

SV3 Trading Strategy

All their signal packages promise 5000 pips per month where 5 to 15 signal alerts will be sent out daily. In addition to this, they provide SV3 Trading tutorials and a Forex blog section for you to read.

However, they failed to provide details regarding their trading strategy and risk management approach.

We expected them to elaborate on their trading indicators because these are the fundamentals of successful trading.

Sv3 Trading Result

They’re selling a VIP trading experience with no track record of success. So paying for their signals is the first thing that traders will avoid.

If they are truly successful as they claim, they should have no problem setting up a Myfxbook account and tracking their trading activities. This is the most efficient way to post results.

We don’t believe vendors who state that they have earned a certain number of pips or that they have a certain win rate. We need to see a vendor walk the talk.


This is an unbiased review and we hope you’ll find it an ideal platform to air your opinion and grievances regarding this signal vendor’s services.

However, from the bottom of our hearts, we are convinced that SV3 Trading Trading is not offering any profitable signals.

They’re just collecting subscription money and wasting your time. If they were profitable, they would have gone the extra mile to prove so. We feel that this is yet another dubious signal vendor.

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1 thought on “SV3 Trading Review”

  1. Hola yo llevo con ellos 6 meses ya…
    Y debo decir que ese 90% es erróneo, ellos siempre nos dicen que tienen un 70 a 77% además demostrado y si es real por qué yo he operado con sus señales y son trasparentes….

    El trader que tienen es bastante bueno, tiene muchos conocimientos y es muy amable en todo lo que le preguntes

    Así que si es un servicio así no me importa pagarlo o tenerlo gratis como me lo dieron a mi sin coste solo por depositar en el broker BDswiss que recomiendan…

    Si es cierto que seguro que tienen un acuerdo con el broker y ganan algo con ello, pero mientras no me afecta no me importa y he retirado muchas veces dinero y no me da problema siempre me llega

    Creo que deberían contactar con ellos y hablar y os explican todo creo yo


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