Super Forex Bot Review

Super Forex Bot is the vendor of typical Forex robots for your trading assistance. Currently, they are selling about 7 expert advisor collections with EA prices ranging from 60-150$.  There is also a bundle price that includes additional 5+ expert advisors, 1 indicator and a binary robot at a price of $250. But before you can deposit this amount, you are advised to read reviews of this company.

According to their ‘About US’, Super Forex Bot is the best experienced Forex Robot (Metatrader 4 Expert Advisor) developer that proves to be able to help Trader to earn consistent profit.

Nothing is known about this developer. They provide an address at Jakarta, Indonesia and a contact email [email protected].

Either way, we still feel that the vendor would have inspired some trust by providing details of their trading backgrounds and the name of traders who actually trade or develop their alleged trading system.

Super Forex Robot Review

Super Forex Bot Review

Super Forex Bot features 7 expert advisors. They proclaim that they have the best collection of Expert Advisor(EA). They even declare that ”We are committed to make Trader especially in Indonesia to be successful in foreign exchange trading business (Forex Trading)”. This is obviously a gimmicky marketing statement with no grain of truth.

They also want traders to know that due to their automated trading system, traders can minimize losses that often occur in the Forex trading market. The truth is that these statements don’t set Super Forex Bot trading systems apart from the competition.

They only make the vendor sound vague and clueless. We need explanations about their trading strategy as well as concrete trading results to back their allegations.

Can the developer leave up to expectations? We doubt it but for the sake of our Super Forex Bot review and our readers, we’ll be forced to have the “trading strategy and results” sections before closing this review.

Super Forex Bot Products

Super Forex Bot Strategy

During our review of Super Forex Bot EA developer, we saw that they provide short description of software strategy and features. Each of the robots comes with a short explanation of trading system but they fail to go into the exact details on how their robot actually trades.

Super Forex Bot Strategy

Before they can promise ‘consistent profit’, the developer should explain in details their trading methodology.

Super Forex Bot Results

We know very well that if a vendor is profitable in their trading, they have nothing to fear when it comes to proving that they have been making money with their trading.

Super Forex RObot Performance

They have no problem using a statement sharing platform such as myfxbook because this is the most transparent way to present results.

Super Forex Bot does not choose the way of transparency and instead, they use videos to imitate result. They’re actually using videos of cherry-picked trades to show their trading results. The’re also using youtube to show trades that have allegedly made money.

None of this information can be verified, which is why we’re insisting that Super Forex Bot should use

We’re disappointed because we didn’t find proof of their ‘Consistent Profit’ returns. We equally couldn’t find proof to add them to the developers of the best forex trading tools here.


We don’t feel inspired to use any of the Super Forex robot software. The manner in which they presented their trading result is generally unacceptable in the market place.

The vendor of this Forex robot does not provide indepth details of their trading strategy. Furthermore, they refuse to disclose their identity. Since they’ve not verified their trading performance and they’re not willing to, the best thing to do is to avoid Super Forex Bot completely.

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