Suisse Trading Review

Suisse Trading is a vendor of a Forex signals service that promises 89% win and 19.7% average monthly return using their telegram signals service. They are unable to verify these income figure and have instead resorted to showing us cherry-picked trades and fabricated Telegram screenshots preview.

However, Suisse Trading did not disclose their identity or trading background. They’ve only provided an email address [email protected] as a contact point.

We believe that this part is very critical in cultivating trust and if the signal provider cannot introduce their traders, we feel as if this is yet another scam.

Suisse Trading Review

Suisse Trading Review

Suisse Trading is offering 2 kinds of product services over their telegram channel- Free and VIP packages. The Free service is meant to test out the signals and the VIP service is for those that want to get more features out of their signals package.

They have the VIP package, paid Telegram alerts where up to 10 trading signals are delivered per day and a free Telegram channel to deliver up to 1-2 signals for free.

In addition, the homepage of this developer’s website is quite brief but straight forward. They believe that they’re one of the best Forex signal providers.

Furthermore, given that the owners of this signals package is still unknown, people are not likely to order a license unless they can actually see some level of transparency in the sales page.

Suisse Trading Strategy

We’re still disappointed by the fact that despite Suisse Trading making bold income claims with regards to their signals service potential earnings, they’re not able to deeply delve into the details of how signals are generated.

We need to know how their analyst identities positions and how it enters and exits. We also need this service to explain how they manage risk. There’s no way traders can subscribe to this signals when these details have not been presented.

Suisse Trading Result

The vendor’s marketing materials promises 89% win rate and 19.7% monthly returns with their VIP signals package. While these returns are too good to be true and we didn’t wish to waste our time reviewing this part of their sales material, we’re forced to do so to show you just how ridiculous this vendor is.

Suisse Trading Signals Result

We know very well that if a vendor is profitable in their trading, they have nothing to fear when it comes to proving that they have been making money with their trading. They have no problem using a statement sharing platform such as myfxbook because this is the most transparent way to present results.

Suisse Trading does not choose the way of transparency and instead, they use Telegram marketing to deceive consumers. They’re actually using previe of cherry-picked trades to show their “Signals Report”. Their Telegram screenshots to show trades that have allegedly made money.

None of this information can be verified, which is why we’re insisting that Suisse Trading should use

We’re disappointed because we didn’t calculate proof of their 89% win rate. We equally couldn’t find proof of their alleged 19.7 average monthly results.


Currently, we don’t feel inspired to use Suisse Trading signals free or VIP. Based on how they market their trading products, we could say they over-promise but don’t deliver the expected results.

We don’t know about you but to us, this is an absolute scam. Since they’ve not verified their trading performance and they’re not willing to, the best thing to do is to avoid Suisse Trading completely.

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