Sinry Advice Swing VIP EA Review

Sinry Advice is a vendor of automated and semi-automated trading software that claims 60% above profitability. Their popular Swing VIP EA is purported to be the first Forex robot that is based on price action. Allegedly, the Swing VIP expert advisor and their Forex MG Pro EA guarantees ”steady profit in your trading” even during the US election.

The Swing VIP EA is currently sold at a one-time price of $98 and works on 5 currency pairs on 5 minutes chart.

Sinry Advice Products

Does “Sinry” of Sinry Advice company has the solid trading performance to back his claims? Or is he selling Forex software because that’s the only way he can make money?

This SinryAdvice review will let you know whether their trading system is viable or not. Our analysis of the trading system has already revealed so much

Sinry Advice Review

Promotion materials claim that the physical address of this firm can be found at 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX. The vendor claims to be a group of Forex trading experts, analysts, and programmers. We take these statements with a pinch of salt since they failed to introduce us to any known personality.

Sinry Advice

Since they claim that their company “is an award-winning company for top performance software from E-Com Builders Academy in 2020”, we’d like to know more about this E-Com Builders Academy because clearly there is no information about this academy and when they started issuing awards to trading institutions.

Sinry Advice Review

At the very least, one should search for reviews before purchasing a Forex service, no matter what claims are made about its success.

Swing VIP EA

Swing VIP is an automated trading software that claims to offer 76% accuracy. Allegedly, with the Swing VIP EA, you will make 16%-30% profits monthly. The Swing VIP auto trading robot costs about $98 and it is said to be one of the smartest by the Sinry Advice team.

The robot will work on 5 forex pairs in 5 min time frame and it promises to open and close trades in profit automatically. Features of the Swing VIP EA are as follows:

Swing VIP EA Review

  • First Ea based on Price action and trend strategy
  • Live Result in
  • 5 pairs at the same time
  • Low Drawdown
  • 3 years on testing ( Recently decided to sell for public)
  • 2 Account license keys – 1 demo and 1 real
  • 1 Time payment – Lifetime with Free updates
  • 100% refund if not profitable.
  • No martingale strategy

Swing VIP Robot is primarily a Price action and trend expert advisor. However, it is programmed with a combination of some basic indicators and market parameters to analyze and execute trades.

Only traders with the proper setup and the right tools are successful; the best Forex robots help you to trade with more accuracy and confidence!

Trading Performance

Swing VIP has provided their Myfxbook account for our analysis. It is named Swing VIP EA Sinry Advice and it is hosted by LiteForex brokerage. This Myfxbook account has a +43.72% gain spanning between 14th September 2020 and 9th November 2020. The drawdown is 44.04%. This account has suffered a lot of losses that dipped the equity growth below zero margins. On November 09, it suffered a huge drawdown that placed the equity growth at -19.57%. Average monthly returns have always been below the 40% line, which means Swing VIP EA is taking a lot of unnecessary risks, hence the huge drawdown.

There’s also another Myfxbook account provided by the vendor. You can view it here but please take note that results are being manipulated to give the impression that the account is growing.

Swing VIP EA Result

Forex robots are getting a lot of hype of late and Forex robot scams are not far behind. They back up the legitimacy of these robots with tremendous profits and lull the trader into a false sense of security only to end up broke.


We definitely can’t recommend a Forex robot like Swing VIP EA for the obvious reasons: high drawdown, lack of money management, and deceitfulness from the vendor.

If the vendor is actually an award-winning Fintech company, they should provide a link to an independent page where such can be verified.

Thanks for reading the Swing VIP EA review. We look forward to your feedback.

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4 thoughts on “Sinry Advice Swing VIP EA Review”

  1. I bought two robots from them to try on a demo account. I had 10% on equity in the first week using the Swing VIP, and no trades for the Trend reversal EA for two days since I activated it. Can’t judge yet, so I will wait to test the 2 EAs on the demo accounts for a period of time, to see how it behaves in different market conditions.

    Also, they suck in support! So don’t expect much!


    Short comment: Runaway… they are CHEATERS.

    Long comment: I bought one of their EAs (Swing VIP) tested it on Demo account and it didn’t work for me. It opened seceral trades, 7 or 8 trades, all of them went on loss for a few days and the EA kept struggling a week time trying to get some positive results but it couldn’t. So I stopped it and deleted this demo account.

    I wrote to this people within the first 10 days asking them for a 100% refund as they state on their website: “14 days money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction” … and ….. “If not profitable in 14 days, send us an Email and apply for 100% refund”.

    Sounds good so far!

    But here they started to play all their tricks. They asked me to send supporting documents, screenshots of expert, journal tab and also trade statement in order to make a refund!! I said I deleted this demo account because such requirement were not mentioned on your website and all what you need, as you claim, is an email asking for 100% refund.

    So a long email argument started and did not end up to any result until I gave up.

    Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY

    1. Hi Ayman, sorry to hear that, I have a question for you, I’m wondering how did you get to know them when you decided to purchase their product?

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