Signals Detector 47 Review

Signals Detector 47 ReviewSignals Detector 47 is a mashup of signals and EA service that claims upto 9 years experience in the marketplace. Signals Detector 47 is unprofessional – a review of their products speaks more about these people rather than what you will see on their website. There are 3 categories of product you will see – Forex signals, Autotrading EA and Managed account services.

There are two expert advisors named Gold and GBP Hunter and the Signal Detector 47 EA v 2.0. Currency pairs traded are enormous counting from EURUSD,USDCHF,USDCAD,USDJPY,EURAUD,EURNZD,EURCHF,EURCAD,NZDCAD,AUDCAD,AUDUSD,NZDUSD. The EAs work with any broker, one time installation and they claim daily returns of 4-8%. The EAs strategy is said to be trend following with price ranging from $199-$249 on 60% discount.

Now, if you have $500, you will have Auto trading EA and Lifetime signals membership.

What is Signals Detector 47? Either is Signals Detector 47 scam or legit?

Signals Detector 47 Review

  • Signals Detector 47 is a program that claim to automate Forex trades. It’s like putting a plane on auto pilot. Traders can sleep through the night calmly knowing that their trades will be placed exactly at the times they designated. Sounds easy, right?
  • Forex robots like Signals Detector 47 are getting a lot of hype of late and Forex robot scams are not far behind.
  • Most Forex robot scams are easy to pinpoint and would seem obvious to any investor. But even with blatant false promises of huge profits “while you sleep” millions of dollars are dropped into these Forex robot scams every day.

Signals Detector 47 Results

The reason while Signals Detector 47 is a scam is that they are good in promising consistent profits but bad in showing proof of performance. Signals Detector 47 promises 4-8% while using the autotrading EA service and 4-5% on managed account services. We are not saying that to make a reasonable claim is not allowed, but unless they show you account statements that are audited by a highly reputable, third-party accounting firm, take it with a grain of salt.

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Because Forex trading is still relatively unregulated, the number of scams seem to be ever-increasing. One area in which this happens on a regular basis is with signals/ automated Forex trading bots. Many of the systems make some pretty unrealistic claims, and promise a successful trading career, even when you’re asleep. They even seem to be able to publish positive results on their sites. However, a word of warning: These amazing results are often the result of back-testing, or based on hypothetical results.

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