SIAM EA Review

SIAM EA is marketed as a fully automated trading system designed for trading Gold (XAUUSD) on the H1 timeframe. Unlike some other trading systems, it does not employ grid, martingale, AI, or neural network strategies. It claims to be an open system featuring profit tracking and drawdown recovery elements. The default settings are optimized for XAUUSD H1 Raw/ECN.



The SIAM EA operates with a fixed stop loss for each trade and employs a virtual profit tracking and recovery model. It focuses on trading during the day when the market is strongest and most volatile. The Forex expert advisor algorithm aims to capture robust movements in the Gold market by utilizing a virtual channel, ATR (Average True Range), and a recovery strategy mechanism. It also features a news filter using a URL address to determine the broker’s GMT.

Notable Features

  1. Market Timing: Trades during the day when the market is strongest and most volatile.
  2. Algorithm Flexibility: Open parameters for optimization, utilizing a virtual channel, ATR, and recovery strategy.
  3. News Filter: Incorporates a strong news filter with a URL address for accurate market entry.
  4. Volatility Filter: Utilizes a market volatility filter for precise market entries.
  5. Virtual Profit Tracking: Conceals the system’s behavior from the broker using virtual profit tracking.
  6. Forward Settings and Optimization: Settings and optimization are available until 2022, with default settings in operation since December 2022.

SIAM EA Trading Strategy

The algorithm’s trading strategy involves catching strong movements in the Gold market, supported by a combination of virtual channel, ATR, and recovery strategy mechanisms. Risk management is emphasized, with fixed stop loss for each trade and virtual profit tracking to recover from drawdowns.

However, the algorithm may be sensitive to spread and slippage, and it is recommended to use a reliable RAW/ICM/ECN broker with 24/7 VPS, while also being cautious about leverage and margin requirements.

SIAM Expert Advisor


  1. Strategic Approach: Focuses on capturing strong movements in the Gold market.
  2. Flexibility: Open parameters for optimization and adaptability.
  3. News Filtering: Strong news filter for accurate market entry.


  1. Sensitivity to Market Conditions: Susceptibility to spread and slippage.
  2. Broker and Tool Dependency: Relying on specific broker types and tools limits accessibility.
  3. Leverage and Margin Risks: Warning against high leverage due to potential margin problems on certain accounts.

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