SAR Trader ea Review 2024 ( System)

SAR Trader ea (Support and Resistance Trader EA) is a trading solution that is produced by the AlgoLabFX portfolio. The presentation includes a comprehensive guide about how the system works. Also, we have a claim that the SAR Trader System has been profitable in every market condition for the past +12 years. So, we decided to make a comprehensive review.

AlgoLabFX SAR Trader ea Review


AlgoLab FX is a new developer that has only 2 expert advisors in their portfolio (PAM Scalper Pro and SAR Trader ea). Both products were released this year and they work well under current market conditions.

SAR Trader ea Review

SAR Trader Robot is said to be a typical supply-and-demand trading system designed for the EURUSD currency pair. If you are conversant with the theory of Support and Resistance, you will simply understand that the system may sell at zones with bearish pressure and may buy at zones with bullish pressure.

SAR Trader ea Review

SAR Trader expert advisor looks like a pretty decent trading solution. We’d like to note that the system knows how to be profitable in the Forex market.

SAR Trader ea Strategy

Basically, the SAR Trader Forex robot uses advanced trade entry and risk management algorithms to enter and manage trades. The vendor made mention of dollar cost averaging, which is the main method the expert advisor uses to manage losing trades. The presentation includes details about the SAR Trader ea and how it is going to work on our terminal.

  • It uses self-adapting grid control to decide trade entry
  • There is an advanced supply and demand tracker to find the most favorable entry price
  • SAR Trader ea utilizes a money management system called “cost averaging” to scale into positions.
  • SAR Trader Forex Robot has no stop-loss protection.
  • It keeps adding more positions to get a better average entry price on each trade setup.
  • You will need quite a large account balance to trade safely with SAR Trader ea.

Other features:

  • Advanced money management features
  • Advanced order close features
  • Trend direction and trend strength filters
  • Cut losses
  • News filter

The SAR Trader ea software is currently sold at a price of 145 euros, the starting price was 95 euros and the final price will be 995 Euros.

AlgoLabFX SAR Trader Pricing

The vendor claims that the price increases by 50 euros for every 10 copies sold. The package comes with a 14 days refund policy, no experience needed, and totally a set-and-forget Forex system.

SAR Trader ea Trading Result

The vendor provided a trading result from They show how well the SAR Trader System works in the real market.

SAR Trader ea Result

SAR Trader ea keeps working on a real RoboForex. It opens and closes deals automatically with a high leverage of 1:500 on the MT5 platform. The account was created on January 02, 2022, funded with $9,012.07, and zero withdrawals. The data is trustworthy because the account has a verified track record. Since then, the absolute gain has become +77.76%. An average monthly gain is 8.83%. The maximum drawdown is 17.98%. There are only two traders tracking the results.

SAR Trader ea Trading Stats

SAR Trader generated 1,219.7 pips in 1,114 trades. An average win is 12.21 pips and an average loss is -14.53 pips. The rate of winning orders is 56-59%. An average trade length is 2 hours and 4 minutes. The profit factor is good to go, 1.85.

SAR Trader ea hourly stats

Most trading activities occurred during the European trading session.

SAR Trader ea daily statistics

The most actively traded days are Wednesday with 288 deals closed and Tuesday with 238 ones.

SAR Trader ea MT5 order history

SAR Trader ea does not works with stoploss or takeprofit levels.  We may note that among 20 orders – 17 of them were profitable. It’s a great result.

Sar Trader ea MT5 Monthly

The robot keeps the account profitable this year.

SAR Trader ea Review – Conclusion

SAR Trader ea is a trading solution that can generate stable and predictable profits on the real market. We’d like to mention that the developer provides us with a refund policy and we can read many positive testimonials about their solutions. So, we can recommend this robot for purchase.

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SAR Trader Expert Advisor


Trading Result











  • myfxbook result
  • Performance result
  • Fair pricing
  • Strategy guide
  • Low drawdown


  • New developer
  • Relatively low win rate
  • Does not use stoploss or takeprofit orders
  • Risky trading strategy
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