RSI Liberator EA Review

The RSI Liberator EA by the Expert4x group, emerges as an evolution from their previous Profit Retriever robot. Unlike its predecessor, the RSI Liberator employs a selective entry strategy, aiming to minimize exposure to runaway trades by identifying potential exhaustion points at the end of a trend. While claiming improvements, the absence of concrete trading results casts doubt on the reliability of this trading robot.

RSI Liberator EA

About RSI Liberator EA

The RSI Liberator is a versatile and compatible Forex trading robot, designed to work with US brokers, adhere to FIFO and hedging rules, and operate efficiently on low leverage.

RSI Liberator Features

Its key feature is the utilization of the RSI Hook signal for entry, combined with the proven Profit Retriever process to enhance trade recovery.


  • Utilizes the powerful RSI Hook signal for entry.
  • Implements the Profit Retriever process for added trade recovery.
  • Selective entry strategy to avoid exposure in strong trends.
  • Compatible with US brokers, FIFO, and low leverage.
  • Offers various risk management options to control drawdowns.
  • Continuous, set-and-forget trading approach with a swing trading style.
  • Provides a drawdown stop for proprietary traders.
  • Trades multiple currencies on a single chart.
  • Extensive settings for customization.

The selective entry strategy, while touted as a strength, lacks empirical evidence to support its effectiveness.

RSI Liberator EA Trading Strategy

The RSI Liberator employs a swing trading strategy with a continuous, set-and-forget approach. The robot identifies RSI Hooks to enter trades against the trend and deploys a Profit Retriever process for added recovery. The risk management options include settings for lot sizing, top-up trades, take-profit levels, trailing stops, and closure targets. The user manual advises traders on adjusting settings to manage risk, drawdowns, and income based on their preferences.

RSI Liberator Strategy

The risk management options, while present, are untested, making it uncertain whether they effectively control drawdowns and losses.


The RSI Liberator is offered at a price of $1200 for new clients, with existing clients receiving a 50% discount at $600. Various discounts are provided for YouTube subscribers and paid forum members. Additionally, a bundle option with the Wave Liberator is available, providing savings for clients.

The offered discounts for YouTube subscribers and paid forum members may not justify the investment without proven performance.

RSI Liberator EA Pros and Cons


  • Selective entry strategy for reduced exposure in strong trends.
  • Compatible with US brokers and offers various risk management options.
  • Continuous, set-and-forget trading style.
  • Extensive settings for customization and flexibility.


  • Limited trading results were provided at the time of launch.
  • Lack of a track record might raise concerns for potential buyers.

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The RSI Liberator EA appears promising with its selective entry strategy and extensive customization options. However, potential buyers are advised to consider the lack of a track record and exercise caution, especially considering the premature launch of the product. The robot’s success is likely to become clearer as more verified results become available in the coming weeks.

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