QubitTech Review

QubitTech is a new company that promises massive return using a number of in-house quntum technology. There are many services you will see at the QubitTech website that you can barely know where this company works best.

We know that QubitTech has invested in an aesthetically beautiful website and you may have seen pictures of the so called QubitTech team. Nonetheless, the Spanish has warned the public that QubitTech is offering financial services without authorization, and is therefore a threat to investors.

QubitTech Review

QubitTech claims to be an Estonian company with address at Harju maakond, Tallinn Kesklinna linnaosa, Roosikrantsi tn 2-1275, 10119. However, in Estonia, you will not see any company registered with the name QubitTech. To contact Qubittech, investors can use their email [email protected]

QubitTech Review

The QubitTech services and investment returns seem to be very attractive but too good to be true. For example, they’re offering monthly returns of up to 25% on cryptocurrency investment, new property discount up to 70%, and up to 100% cashback bonus.

QubitTech Platform

Also they claim to have a long term goal of 10 billion USDT capitalization value and to grow its users base to more than 10,000,000 users by 2025, it’s obvious that QubitTech is neither registered nor authorized and so none of these promotional statements are true.

QubitTech Ecosystem

The QubitTech ecosystem is said to be run by a bespoke cryptography that will allow more liquidity into the system.

You will have an ecosystem that is resistant to attacks. The ecosystem works based on a unique QST and QDT token for transactions.

QubitTech Blockchain

In addition to this, investors will have access to a digital banking system that promises set new quality standards for financial services.

We appreciate that the QubitTech is promising a financial world that lies in complete digitization of all financial processes, products and services. But, we will be much more convinced if the company will publish a whitepaper for their crypto token. Without whitepaper we can’t tell if that is 100% scam.

QubitTech Regulation

QubitTech is not regulated. This is the worst thing that can ever happen to any crypto platform that intends to accept payment through blockchain. Lack of a license is often a sign that the company has some other intentions.

QubitTech Scam

This company should have been registered with the Estonian authorities, maybe FCA or any other governing body since they claim to operate in the EU. Unfortunately this isn’t the case.

Cryptocurrency is anonymous, the reason you should stay away from unregulated bodies like QubitTech and many others is because they are risky to invest with.

And finally, a word of advice – avoid making any crypto payments to online sites like QubitTech, because that is how people get usually scammed.


QubitTech appears to be a scam crypto ponzi scheme. There are no reviews online to back their claim that they’re indeed raking profits for clients.

QubitTech is quite suspicious and it’s just a matter of time before they disappear with unsuspecting client’s funds. You need to stay away from such platforms at all cost.

Bitcoin payments and cryto payments in general are a preferred method of payment for scammers world wide, as they are virtually anonymous and even more importantly – they are 100% irreversible.

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