Price Action Forex Ltd Review

Price Action Forex LTD is a Forex signals provider that is operating via a telegram channel. There are a lot of things to say about this signals vendor. They said you have to follow their expert on the PAFX Telegram channel and profit by following 4 easy steps – Join, Copy, Trade, and Profit.

They have a free channel that delivers 1-2 lucrative signals every day for you to copy. The paid channel is where the real thing happens and their target is to make 1000+ pips every week for all types of accounts with unbeatable accuracy of 80%.  Just in the middle of their website, you will see a lot of reviews and testimonials – something we are not convinced is true. They claim 100% support, consistency, unbeatable accuracy, etc, and want us to believe. You can also check out our most recommended trading tools here.

When you scroll down towards the end, you will see the signal packages – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. A monthly subscription cost $40/month and a 12-month subscription costs $199 ie $17$/month.

If you want to buy a lifetime license, be ready to cough out $299 at once.

Price Action Forex Ltd Review

Price Action Forex Ltd Review

  • Forex signals like Price Action Forex are getting a lot of hype of late and Forex signals scams are not far behind.
  • Most Forex signals scams are easy to pinpoint and would seem obvious to any investor. But even with blatant false promises of huge profits “while you sleep” millions of dollars are dropped into these Forex signals scams every day.

About Price Action Forex Ltd

Price Action Forex Ltd says to be run by 15 professional traders that deliver proficient signals. Now a lot of things were said about the money you will make from these signals but nothing was said about who these professionals are. The lack of information about these professional traders makes tracking their existence and experience in the industry futile.

Price Action Forex Ltd Strategy

Apart from the fact that the website fails to introduce to us the professional analysts behind the signals, it also comes short of explaining the actual trading methodology used by these experts.

They showed screenshots of the so-called analysis in action but the actual trading approach used by these professionals still remains a mystery.

If trading Forex is your preference, we recommend these highly effective trading systems.

Price Action Forex Ltd Result

Of all its faults, Price Action Forex Ltd still failed to provide a verified trading result from a third-party firm for us to track. They provided screenshots and labeled it ”client profit” – something that can be done by any website owner.

Price Action Forex Ltd Result

For the best Forex trading tools with proof of performance in a live account, visit this page.


Because Forex trading is still relatively unregulated, the number of scams seems to be ever-increasing. One area in which this happens on a regular basis is with Signals/automated Forex trading bots. Many of the systems make some pretty unrealistic claims, and promise a successful trading career, even when you’re asleep. They even seem to be able to publish positive results on their sites. However, a word of warning: These amazing results are often the result of back-testing, or based on hypothetical results.

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19 thoughts on “Price Action Forex Ltd Review”

    1. PAFX and PAFX Algo are completely scam i paid fee to them 49 usd per month for two consecutive months and after two months my account was washed. there is nothing to say that this is a big scam looting the traders who want some extra income.

  1. PriceActionForex is a scam

    I tried their so called signals for a month and lost a lot of money . To my surprise I got a notification that they took money out of my personal account. When I asked for a refund they refused. Scam Scam Scam

  2. i am happy with their pips report compared to the price and must appreciate their support service. I make 100-120+ pips weekly with PriceActionLtd. so for me it was an average experience. 50-60% accuracy is not that much positive for me except this i am okay with their service.

  3. Their performance is average. I have been using their signals for last 2 months. First 2 weeks I couldn’t make profit because their timing doesn’t match with my time-zone. I missed several trades. But now, things have improved.
    They have some issues with posting the updates of all trades. Whenever trades hit tp, they update is immediately, but in case of SL, they don’t always update it.
    Even though they have a lot to improve, they are doing a good job. I would only suggest them to be more transparent. Of course, you can’t win every time and it’s okay to accept it.

  4. After using their signals for 2 months, I feel they are quite good. I earned a generous amount of pips. The support team helped me a lot during subscribing as I was very confuse. The only problem I faced is they hide stop loss, every time I had to ask the support for guidance. Other than that, its cool.

  5. Richard Lennon

    I am in their VIP signal channel for last 3 months. I have tried their Free channel before joining the VIP channel. I have gained around 150+ pips weekly with them. there are less pips in some weeks. But i am satisfied with their service till now. i hope they will improve their supports and services soon.

  6. Scam Company.
    I subscribed to their PAICC channel.
    They send around 8-9 signals a day, only TP hits are updated, I have lost more than 38% of my capital using their signals. They never updated stop loss levels.

  7. I failed due to a signal, 500 dollars, 1000 dollars, a fee, 200 and I will not return.
    It is a scam. help me

  8. I join them one week ago for 3 month by watching their all green profit in the free group but after I join truth revealed that they never shared lost trade in free group to manipulate newbie by showing cherry picking profit trade and showing 1-5 minutes projection which VIP clients never get the profit. Also on their website they mention UK address which access in Google so they are using fake address to show how legit they are but when I confront them they simpily ignored because they guys are Bangladesh scammer, so whoever getting attracted to them by watching their all green contact me if more clarification is required.

    Before joining you should ask few things.
    Ask them to justify their register address with owner name and phone number.
    Ask them to show daily their lost trade to identify their accuracy.
    Cross-check their small time frame projection and confront them.
    Don’t give your positive feedback if you not earning consistently because they edit and use for manipulate marketing to attract newbie.
    Biggest things, once you pay will not get refund no matter what, yeah you heard right NO REFUND…!!!
    So beware with this scammer

  9. Take care those guys!
    I recomend you,to learn this FX market to reach taugh goals.dont mislead the young traders plz

  10. PAFX and PAFX Algo are completely scam i paid fee to them 49 usd per month for two consecutive months and after two months my account was washed. there is nothing to say that this is a big scam looting the traders who want some extra income.

  11. I’m Profiting with them. I don’t think I need to see who the traders. All I need pips. That’s what I got from their VIP telegram channel.

  12. Those scammers dont follow like Binary Options Trade TTV. Once you deposit they said they trade for you in china and your Commission exceeds the limit, so your account is suspended. So you need to deposit another money so that you can get access to withdrawal. Scammers.

  13. They are scammer
    I had subscribed to their 3 vip channels for 3 months
    They send around 12 16 signals a dayI have lost more than 2000$ of my capital using their signals. Totally scammer

  14. No, you cannot trust them, I just found out they’re a complete scam run by anonymous people probably from India. If they weren’t they would have put at least one face to the company.

    I just bought an indicator from them for $99, it didn’t work as expected and in less than one hour, I sent a message to them indicating the indicator wasn’t what I was expecting and I wanted a refund.

    Guess what? You guessed right. They told me they cannot refund me, that they have no refund policy.

    How can you not have a refund for a product I just bought less than an hour ago that didn’t do what I expected?

    What is so hard in clicking the refund on the Stripe dashboard and revoking my access to the indicator? Only scammers will hold on to a very small money like $99, and I thought they were a big business, so this wouldn’t be an issue.

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