Pips Make Review

Pips Make claims that it is a Forex signals provider with over one thousand clients. They tell us that their signals service was founded in 2015, “and today is one of the largest brands in the global Forex signal industry”. The service have been successful in showing outstanding performance over a pretty long period of time. They also want the trading community to understand that the forex market is designed for long term trading and such their signals comes to suite this approach.  They do the action rather than talking, which is why they believe their results speak louder than a thousand words.

In this review, we are going to analyze the service and if it is good, we will end up including it in our list of the most recommended trading products and services. However, if we find that quality of the service which Pips Make are providing is substandard, then you can expect that we will not recommend it but rather give it a terrible rating based on the things that we have seen on their website.

Pips Make Review

Pips Make Review

We are told that the accuracy of the Pips Make signals service is 90%The vendors promise a low risk, high reward profit ratio with a monthly target of 1200 pips. All of this is good but we are treating these statements are marketing fluff because there is no substantial proof to verify these claims. The 3 aspects of their service that they want to bring attention to, is that they offer Forex signals, Forex chart analysis and a trade copier for traders looking for a more automated solution.

Do they have verified trading results?

The developer of Pips Make is providing back tests of the robot rather than providing or linking their sales page with a third party sharing site like myfxbook. Back tests are not very reliable these days. In the old days, vendors could get by with back tests and even make a lot of sales. But things have since changed and vendors are required to use third party statement sharing platforms like myfxbook. It is easy to create an account here for purposes of testing a robot even on a demo account. So lack of verified trading performance is a big fat blow to the team behind this robot. They will need to come up with another strategy in order to convince buyers that the robot can produce similar results to the ones we see on its back tests.


Pips Make Review 2

Normally, at this point of the review we would provide more in-depth research into the Maxi Signals customer feedback. Yet, despite claiming to have over 1000 members, there is no client feedback on this service anywhere online. Hopefully, this review can act as a hub for traders that of use this service to leave their comments and reviews. Once we get more information from the community.

Review Verdict – Pips Make is a scam. Beware

Other scams to avoid include Forex Signals and Invest

Best Forex Signals

Many forex signal services promise results, but the market is constantly shifting, and forex is especially susceptible to global events, so promised results may not come to fruition. Be wary of any service that makes guarantees about profits. Some traders can use forex signals as a crutch instead of learning to spot opportunities in the market themselves.

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Our best advice for you

We would have preferred that the developer elaborate the trading strategy of this robot in an in depth way. And of course no trading performance has been offered. We believe this robot can’t join the league of good robots.

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