Pips Alert Review

In today’s review, we will be analyzing a Forex signal service called Pips Alert. The vendor says that this service is constantly being updated to ensure that it it provide traders with a steady gain of between 1000 – 9500 pips per month.

In addition to this, the vendor claims that they always participate in various initiatives to constantly develop and incorporate strategy of no stress solution to the Forex community. So that’s one of the reason why they are offering Pips Alert premium at a monthly subscription of $17.95-124.95.

We looked around on the website of this signals service and found that there was no specific address published to help us identify the exact location of this vendor. However, they only say that the service was was founded by 2 traders, and since 2014 they’ve expanded to a team of 14 traders located in the US, Tokyo, Canada, as well as other parts of the world. We have to believe that they are telling the truth. While their exact location is not very important when writing this review, sometimes it helps to be transparent especially when you know that you’re going to charge a monthly subscription, and members of the public would want to trust you. We do not know if this signal vendor was really interested in creating transparency or having potential customers trusting them. So it’s like they do not have a single office as their teams work remotely.

The purpose of this review is to help you make an informed decision here. The big question is this: does Pips Alert signals produce substantial profits while making trading easier for the average trader?

Pips Alert Review

Pips Alert is among the few Forex signals around that were created to work with every other platform that you might think of. These include MT4, MT5, cTrader brokerage. We are just giving them credit where it’s due. But this is not to say that we have already endorsed Pips Alert. A number of things have to be discussed first.

The vendor claims that the Pips Alert signals service is provided by professional traders. They tell us that they currently “have a team of 15 traders with a combined 98 years of experience in the Forex market.” Today, this vendors claims that they are providing users with a profitable premium signals that is able to make them money on a monthly basis for a monthly subscription of 17.95-12.95. This is really impressive, but there is no way for us to know if that is true or not, because the vendor does not introduce us to any of these traders, so we cannot verify their identities, and check their trading track records.

Pips Alert signals comes with the entry price, the take profit and potential exit prices to monitor during the duration of the trade. In addition to this, signals are provided to traders during the London and New York trading sessions.


Pips Alert backgroud

Once a customer subscribes for the Pips Alert investor membership, the trader receives the full alert package which comes with the potential of 9500 pips per month. This service is also provided within 24 hours after initial account registration. All of this is of course good news. However, if we cannot translate these features into everyday profits, then they automatically become useless features that you and me don’t even need.

The signal is on nearly all currency pairs and time frame. The developer assures traders that signals is on all pairs with high precision.

Everything looks and sounds normal with this signals service. The only exception here is the absence of real information about the strategy being implemented by the group of professional traders. We could say that these people are not transparent on the trading approach and who they signals providers are yet the vendor wants you to pay 17.95-124.95 every month. When it comes to signal services, it’s very important to know who the providers of the signals are, and what type of trading approach they have, so you know if that matches up with your trading philosophies. Sadly, this does not seem to be available with this service.


Pips Alert Trading Results

When we came across this signals vendor trading result section, we saw a performance chart that hasn’t been updated since March.The performance chart is very impressive, showing that the signals have gained over 15,000 pips in the last 5 months, with an average 3000 pips per month.


We were very much interested in seeing their myfxbook account due to the high profit potentials that they were promising. It only makes sense to expect a perfect myfxbook account results for such a lucrative trading signals service.

We found out that there is really no way of verifying these trades, because the developers are not utilizing any statement sharing services like Myfxbook or FX Blue. As we speak now, this vendor does not run an active myfxbook account, which leaves us wondering why. The only explanation for this is that Pips Alert probably is not making the expected pip potential as advertised on their site. Statement sharing services like Myfxbook or FX Blue would definitely bring their business down, which is why they decided to dodge it. On the other hand, the vendor provided a PDF log, that shows the trades that occurred between January 28 in February 3, 2018, but this document could easily be modified by the vendor, which is why we prefer statement sharing services.


Review Verdict – Pips Alert is a scam

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Our best advise for you

If we are to go with the above trading results section on their website, we would fail to get a true picture of the performance of the Pips Alert . We needed a statement sharing services of active result tracking to make an informed opinion concerning Pips Alert. Therefore, we are asking our readers to stick to these Forex trading robots signals instead. This one does not look like a genuine trading signals service.

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  1. Pips Machine is a scam. It repaints and replaces the “dot” when the trade starts to lose. There is no tech support and when you ask for a refund you get ignored. Stay away.

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