Omega Trend EA Review (Money Management System)

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Omega Trend EA is a comprehensive forex trading robot that offers a range of features and customizable options for traders. The EA uses three powerful trading principles to help traders boost their performance and profits. Omega Trend EA offers customizable settings for different currency pairs and is compatible with any broker with 4 or 5-digit price quotes. The Omega Trend Indicator can help traders detect market trends early and follow them successfully.

Omega Trend EA Box

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Omega Trend EA was developed by the FXAutomater group, a popular developer with multiple automated trading portfolios in the Forex marketplace. Links to their Facebook, Twitter, and youtube channels are available on their website. Traders will also find a contact form for support and inquiries.

Overall, Omega Trend EA is a powerful, user-friendly, and fully automated forex trading tool that offers traders the potential for profitable trades while minimizing risk.

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Omega Trend EA Live trading results
Real USD Trading Result

Omega Trend EA Review

As per the vendor info, Omega Trend EA is a fully automated forex robot that utilizes three simple yet powerful trading principles to help traders improve their performance and profits. These principles include trend spotting, strategy diversity, and dynamic entries and exits. Our initial analysis of the system reveals that it is a trustworthy expert advisor. The EA meets certain criteria like vendor transparency, verifies performance, backtests, positive reviews, and more. Our initial overview shows that this FX robot meets many of our criteria. Let us look at the features of this MT4 tool before analyzing its various aspects in detail.

Omega Trend EA Chart

The Omega Trend robot is configured to detect trends close to the beginning of the movement, and it has two trend indicators tied to specific strategies, giving traders the flexibility to trade confidently in any market. Additionally, Omega Trend EA comes with a money management system and advanced time management system to help traders manage their risk and optimize their trading times.

Omega Trend EA features

Omega Trend EA offers several other features that help to protect traders’ accounts, including broker protection, spread protection, and multi-currency trading. All future updates of Omega Trend EA are free, and traders can expect professional support from the team. Here are some of the reasons why we are considering giving this EA a high rating:

  • Verified trading results
  • Enough strategy insight
  • Multiple backtesting reports
  • Vendor transparency
  • Good customer support
  • Fairly priced

Omega Trend Strategy Insight

Omega Trend EA’s strategy is based on identifying profitable trends early on and using two distinct strategies to take advantage of different market movements. It also uses dynamic entries and exits to avoid missed profit opportunities and unnecessary account drawdown.

Money Management System

The robot’s money management system includes a loss recovery option called Recovery Mode, which increases the lot size of every new trade with small amounts until previous losses are compensated completely.

EA Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Strategy: Trend spotting
  • Recommended Pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, and EURJPY.
  • Tim3frame: H1
  • Price: $159
  • Terminals: MT4

Omega Trend EA Pricing

Omega Trend EA is priced at $159, which includes one real account and three demo accounts. The package also includes 24/7 support and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Additional set files for other supported currency pairs are available for download on the website.

Backtesting Report

The vendor provided multiple backtesting reports for each of the supported currency pairs.

Omega Trend EA Backtest

Trading Result Analysis

A real verified trading account is provided by the vendor. Here are screenshots of the trading stats and history.

Omega Trend EA Result

From the trading stats, we can see that the total and absolute profit percentages are the same for this account at +48.95%. This real USD account using the IC Markets broker and the leverage of 1:500 shows a daily gain of 0.18% and a monthly profit of 5.47%. For more than 6 months the account was activated, and the robot has managed to keep the drawdown at 30.01%, which is acceptable. The fact that this EA maintains such a low drawdown along with acceptable profitability for a long interval of seven months shows proper risk management technique.

Omega Trend EA Trade History

Furthermore, the developer is transparent about open trades and the trading history which reveals important parameters (SL, TP, and Lot sizes), further showing the effectiveness of the performance.

Omega Trend EA verdict

While, the recommended timeframe for the EA is H1, which may not be suitable for all traders, we awarded the Omega Trend EA a high rating and considered adding it to the list of the best Forex robots.

Overall, Omega Trend EA is a powerful, user-friendly, and fully automated forex trading tool that offers traders the potential for profitable trades while minimizing risk.

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Omega Trend Expert Advisor

159 USD

Trading Result











  • Performance result
  • Myfxbook result
  • Transparent vendor
  • Custom settings
  • Set-files
  • Risk management feature
  • Fair pricing
  • Multiple backtest reports
  • Enough strategy insight


  • H1 timeframe only
  • Few supported curency pairs
  • Average win rate
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