NightVision EA Review

NightVision EA is an automated Expert Advisor developed by Alexander Kalinkin, designed for night scalping trading during the closing of the American trading session. This Forex EA incorporates a series of unique author-developed strategies, which have undergone successful testing on real trading accounts. NightVision EA offers traders a user-friendly experience with minimal setup requirements and can be applied across a wide range of trading instruments. In this review, we will delve into the features, trading strategy, as well as the pros and cons of NightVision EA.

Nightvision MT4/MT5 EA

About NightVision EA

NightVision EA is an Expert Advisor that specializes in night scalping, a trading strategy that seeks to profit from small price movements during the late hours of the American trading session. The EA distinguishes itself by implementing proprietary trading methodologies, which have been rigorously tested on real trading accounts. It is a versatile tool that can be used on various trading instruments, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of traders.

NightVision EA Parameters

One of the features of NightVision EA is its commitment to safe trading practices. It avoids high-risk trading methods such as martingale, grid, and arbitrage, which are notorious for causing significant account losses. Instead, NightVision EA employs protective measures for every trade, including Stop Loss and Take Profit orders, which safeguard the trader’s deposit. Moreover, it supports a range of currency pairs, including GBPUSD, GBPCAD, USDCAD, and more, giving traders ample flexibility in their choice of instruments.

For optimal performance, NightVision EA recommends the use of ECN accounts with low spreads and commissions. This helps to minimize trading costs and enhance profitability. The EA offers several customizable parameters, such as TradingPair selection, Magic Number assignment, and options for setting Risk percentage, lot size, and more.

Trading Strategy

NightVision EA’s trading strategy revolves around night scalping, a technique aimed at exploiting small price fluctuations during the closing hours of the American trading session. The use of Stop Loss and Take Profit levels for each trade aims to mitigate the risk of substantial losses. This prudent approach to risk management is in line with industry standards to ensure that the EA does not employ aggressive tactics that could deplete the trader’s deposit.


  1. Risk Mitigation: NightVision EA prioritizes the safety of the trader’s capital by avoiding high-risk trading methods and implementing protective measures for each trade.
  2. Currency Pair Versatility: The EA can be applied to a wide range of currency pairs, providing traders with diverse trading opportunities.
  3. User-Friendly: With minimal setup requirements, NightVision EA is accessible to both novice and experienced traders.


  1. Nighttime Trading: NightVision EA’s strategy is limited to night scalping, which might not be suitable for traders who prefer day trading.
  2. Broker Preferences: Optimal results require using ECN accounts with low spreads and commissions, which might limit broker choices for some traders.
  3. Limited Historical Data: Traders may find it challenging to evaluate the long-term performance of NightVision EA due to limited historical data.
  4. Lack of Transparency: Some traders might be concerned about the EA’s lack of transparency regarding specific trading algorithms and strategies.

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Review Verdict

NightVision EA offers a trading solution for those interested in night scalping strategies. Its emphasis on risk management and versatility in terms of currency pairs provide a secure and flexible trading experience. However, its nighttime trading focus, specific broker preferences, limited historical data, and lack of transparency might not align with all traders’ preferences.

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