Mighty Makers EA Review

Mighty Makers EA is said to be a revolutionary Metatrader 4/5 Forex expert advisor that empowers investors to make well-informed choices with its sophisticated neural network powered by the Murray Levels strategy. Unfortunately, the Mighty Makers EA falls short in several areas, leaving much to be desired.

Mighty Makers EA

First and foremost, the vendor behind the product lacks the necessary experience in the Forex robot marketplace, with only two products to their name. This lack of expertise raises concerns about the effectiveness and reliability of their offerings.

Mighty Makers EA Review

The Mighty Makers EA fails to inspire confidence due to its inexperienced vendor, deficient backtesting report, and high account drawdown.

Mighty Makers EA Features

Traders seeking reliable and proven investment tools should exercise caution and explore alternative options with a more established track record of success.

Mighty Makers EA Strategy

The Mighty Makers EA incorporates a neural network that leverages the Murray Levels strategy. This unique combination allows for advanced analysis of market trends, pattern recognition, and real-time feedback on potential trading opportunities.

Mighty Makers EA Interface
Mighty Makers EA Interface

The Mighty Makers EA works with various types of accounts, including Classic, ECN, and PRO, with a recommended leverage of 1:20 or higher. The recommended timeframe for the EA is M30, and the default settings ensure optimal performance. You can start with a minimal deposit of $100, enabling traders of all budgets to access this powerful tool. Additionally, the Mighty Makers EA is compatible with other expert advisors, giving you the flexibility to integrate it into your existing trading strategies.


  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Strategy: Neural network
  • Currency Pairs: XAUUSD (GOLD)
  • Time frame: M30
  • Price: From $999.

Mighty Makers EA comes with a high pricing structure. Considering the inexperience of the vendor, the deficient backtesting report, and the high drawdown observed, the pricing seems disproportionate to the value provided.

Mighty Makers EA Backtest

Backtesting report provided for the Mighty Makers EA is far from comprehensive. Backtesting is an essential component of evaluating a trading strategy, as it helps assess its performance over historical data. However, the report provided by Mighty Makers is deficient, lacking the necessary depth and transparency to inspire confidence in its capabilities.

Mighty Maker EA Backtest

Traders are left in the dark, uncertain about the actual effectiveness of the EA.

Trading Result

Adding to the disappointment, the trading account associated with the Mighty Makers EA is incredibly new. In fact, the trading results provided are only a week old. This limited timeframe is insufficient to gauge the long-term performance and reliability of the EA.

Mighty Makers EA Result

Investors need a track record of consistent success to justify placing their trust in a product, and the Mighty Makers EA falls short in this regard. It seems like this developer is in a hurry to sell his product to the public.

New account with high drawdown

Perhaps the most concerning aspect of the Mighty Makers EA is the high drawdown it has already incurred. Within a mere three days of trading, the account experienced a staggering drawdown of 17.1%. Such a significant loss in a short span of time raises serious doubts about the risk management capabilities and overall stability of the EA. Traders should be cautious when considering an investment tool that exhibits such high drawdowns early on.


The Mighty Makers EA raises concerns with its inexperienced vendor and lack of expertise in the Forex robot marketplace. The provided backtesting report is inadequate, failing to provide a comprehensive assessment of the EA’s performance. The trading account associated with the EA is too new to establish a reliable track record, and it has already experienced a high drawdown of 17.1% within a short timeframe. Additionally, the high pricing of the EA seems unjustified at the moment considering the aforementioned shortcomings.

Mighty Makers Expert Advisor

999 USD

Trading Result











  • Performance result
  • Free demo
  • Strategy guide


  • New trading account
  • Unacceptable drawdown
  • inexperienced vendor
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