Maxturbo EA Review

Maxturbo EA is a new robo advisor that was launched on the 24th of August, 2019. Maxturbo EA is purporting to be the the most powerful automated trading robot. The reason why the want interested clients to choose them is because they strongly believe in performance-based affairs and claims that Maxturbo EA is a proven strategy that has been used by experienced traders for more than 7 years.

Bear in mind the vendor provides no information about their location, identity or trading history in the Forex markets, so if you are interested in buying a copy with them make sure to read this review first.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can fill out a contact form on the website.

Note: Alternative to this Maxturbo Scam EA is

MaxTurbo EA Review

Maxturbo EA Review

The EA Maxturbo is a Forex robot that is making alot of promises and claims to you. The robot is sold for a minimum $299 via the Click2Sell marketplace and is meant to trade important currency pairs like EURGBP with ”consistency in profit”. The Maxturbo EA recommends M15 timeframe which is a short timeframe.

There are two packages for clients to choose Maxturbo; Standard ($250) and Preview ($450). Both offer a lifetime license. The standard package offers a real account a demo account for you to test. The preview account offers 3 real accounts a demo account.

Overtime, we have seen that grammatical errors are hard to be ignored when you are comparing expert advisors or any financial service platform. Traders will notice at first time that the Maxturbo EA sales page is rife with common grammatical errors that are hard to be overlooked considering this is a financial service tool.

EA Strategy

During our review of the Maxturbo EA, we saw that the provided little to no information about their true trading methodology. We could only see that the system utilizes a “unique Algo Trading System” but we could not see important explanation on strategies for technical analysis.

Maxturbo EA Strategy Insight

You should know that there are five core steps to getting started with technical analysis. Identify a technical analysis strategy or develop a trading system. Identify tradable securities that fit with the technical strategy. Find the right brokerage account for executing the trades. Select an interface to track and monitor trades.

Trading Result

At the SCAM EA, you will find hundreds of reviews of Forex robots, where we check to see if they are verified investment product, or simply a scam. The way investors properly compare a Forex EA result, is by checking to see if their results are published in a public statement sharing site, like myfxbook or FXBlue.

The MaxTurbo EA team provide us with two verified Myfxbook accounts for analysis.

The main account, is a real account with the PaxForex brokerage, showing a gain of 41% over the course of around a month and a half with a drawdown of 9.22%.

Despite Maxturbo trading result showing some interesting stats, we are not recommending the Maxturbo EA for a reason that it generally lacks transparency and the vendors are shrouded in mystery despite all their claims. It is not of time to make a comfortable judgement based on the trading result.

Compare important robots

For now, If you want to trade and actually make money, use trading tools that have been verified and confirmed to work.

DaxRobot is a popular automated trading software that comes with a hanful of indicators to configure and use.

The minimum deposit to use it is $250. Test it out for free at

Have you used the Maxturbo EA software, let us know how it tests below.

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