Liquidity Levels Break EA Review

In this review, we’ll examine Liquidity Levels Break EA, a trading software that promises to leverage liquidity for profitable trades. However, a closer inspection reveals several red flags that raise doubts about its effectiveness. Read on to understand why this EA might not be the best choice for discerning traders.

Liquidity Levels Break EA

The person behind this software is called Sajiran, an Indonesian Forex robot developer. He has zero experience and a limited product catalog in the marketplace. Also, the absence of a live signals account provided by Sajiran raises concerns about his understanding of market dynamics and ability to deliver consistent results. Traders should approach with caution and consider developers with a stronger track record and a wider range of offerings.

Liquidity Levels Breaks Review

Liquidity Levels Break EA falls short in several key areas, including strategy insight, vendor experience, and verifiable performance. The lack of clarity regarding its strategy leaves traders uncertain about its effectiveness. Combined with the absence of live trading results and a high price tag, caution is advised when considering this EA.


  • The EA integrates the concept of liquidity with the Smart Money Concept
  • It combines the intelligence of default MetaTrader5 indicators, price action analysis, and AI technology to provide you with a winning strategy
  • Trained to work on 6 currency pairs
  • You can start to trade with a $300 minimum initial deposit
  • The recommended account leverage is 1:100 or more
  • VPS hosting 24/7 is strongly advised.

Liquidity Levels Break Strategy

According to its developer, this EA is built on a solid foundation of understanding liquidity levels and capitalizing on them. Armed with this knowledge, the developer believes that the Forex expert advisor will make informed decisions, executing transactions at precisely the right moment.

LLB EA Settings

However, the vendor fails to provide a comprehensive explanation of how this is achieved. Without a clear understanding of the underlying strategy, traders are left in the dark, unable to assess its potential and make informed decisions.

EA Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Strategy: Liquidity levels, AI
  • Recommended timeframe: M5
  • Price: $766 (Limited)

LLB EA Pricing

The pricing structure of Liquidity Levels Break EA raises eyebrows. With a price tag of $766 for a limited introductory offer, it places a hefty burden on traders’ wallets. Given the lack of transparency and unverified performance, it’s difficult to justify such a high investment for a product that may not deliver the expected results.

Backtesting Report

There is a screenshot of a backtesting report for the 6 currency pairs, during a period of 4 months.

Liquidity Levels Break EA Backtesting Report

Backtesting is an essential process to evaluate the performance and viability of any trading system. Sadly, the Liquidity Levels Break EA backtesting report is not comprehensive and devoid of authenticity.

Live Trading Results

One would expect a reputable trading tool to present live and verified trading results to back up its claims. Unfortunately, the Liquidity Levels Break EA falls short in this regard. The absence of real-time trading data and verified performance records raises doubts about the EA’s ability to deliver consistent profits. We are left wondering if it can truly live up to its promises.


In the competitive world of forex trading, it’s crucial to exercise caution and carefully evaluate the trading tools you choose. Unfortunately, Liquidity Levels Break EA falls short on multiple fronts. The lack of strategy insight, an inexperienced vendor, deficient backtesting report, absence of live and verified trading results, and high pricing makes it a risky investment. Traders seeking reliable and proven solutions would be wise to explore other options that offer greater transparency and a track record of success.


Liquidity Levels Break Expert Advisor

766 USD

Trading Result











  • 6 currency pairs
  • Free trial


  • Poor strategy insight
  • No verified result
  • High pricing
  • Deficient backtesting report
  • Inexperienced vendor
  • No signals account
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