Kiss on Billions on EURUSD EA Review

Kiss on Billions on EURUSD ReviewKiss on Billions on EURUSD is a Forex expert advisor created exclusively for the EURUSD variables and movement patterns, plus the robot can support your manual transactions on EURUSD.  The developer wants traders to know that the Kiss on Billions on EURUSD EA has made profits of over $1.7 billion with just a $300 initial deposit. This profit claim made by the owner of Kiss on Billions on EURUSD is certainly too high and we believe the developer of this trading system can prove their statement.

They tell the community that Kiss on Billions on EURUSD is a result of ”several years of trading and research on thousands of strategies.”

Because of these, we’re forced to review every aspect of this Kiss on Billions on EURUSD EA because it’s only fair that traders should know what they’re getting into before money can change hands.

This EA was developed by Saeid Irani who is the CEO of the SAAA Financial Group. We’ve checked and found that this group has other products on MQL5 priced between $100-$180 with Kiss on Billions on EURUSD being the only product priced above $1000. This group also promised to launch similar products of Kiss on Billions based on other Forex pairs.

For contact and support, you can reach SAAA via their dedicated MQL5 page or telegram Channel. The telegram channel was created 4 days ago for posting statistical analyses of their products.

Kiss on Billions on EURUSD Review

The Kiss on Billions on EURUSD was first published on 27 August 2019. The current version 191.113 was updated on 13 November 2019 (7 months ago). The EA costs $1999 for a license and that allows for 5 activations. Currently, there are over 11289 demos downloaded for this EA. Kiss on Billions on EURUSD Pricing

This vendor has also disclosed the parameters for configuring the EA just for the EURUSD symbol as follows:

  • ACCOUNT (Stop Out): 50% or less
  • ACCOUNT TYPE: Real account
  • ACCOUNT MODE: Hedging account
  • Take Profit: Automatically
  • Stop Loss: Automatically
  • LOT size: Automatically
  • Trailing Stop: Automatically
  • Chart Time Frame: All Time Frame
  • Manual trading: Enable

We certainly find it weird because the setup is basic and there’s no peculiarity between these parameters and EURUSD trading. As a matter of fact, we see similar parameters and setups with EAs that work with multiple Forex pairs such as the Jabrix Scalper EA.

We all know that when you are trading the EUR against the US dollar, you pay attention to the time of volatility. The highest volatility of the EUR to USD Forex pair occurs during the hours when the London and New York sessions are open.

None of this information has been used in setting up the Kiss on Billions on EURUSD parameters. We’re wondering why they omitted this information and instead decided to spend their time in general configurations.

If you’re looking for a reliable expert advisor to use for your trading, we highly recommend the ones listed on the best Forex robot page.

Software Strategy

We’re interested in finding out what strategy or trading logic the Kiss on Billions on EURUSD uses.

Like the EA parameters and setup, the software strategy comes vague and fails to explain the important algorithm for trading the EURUSD market volatility.

Kiss on Billions on EURUSD Strategy


They also claim that the EA works by ”combining strategies and algorithm”. We’re not sure what these algorithms are. We have no idea how these algorithms are directly related to the EURUSD pair.

We’d like Kiss on Billions on EURUSD to provide some explanation on how their algorithm relates to the EURUSD symbol since traders who are interested in this EA want to be sure that the software algorithm is conditioned for the EURUSD pair, not a basic algorithm.

Trading Result

Despite selling this expert advisor at a very exorbitant price and claiming that it has made over $1.7 billion in profits, kiss on Billions on EURUSD fails to provide proof of performance from or FXBlue.

The Vendor chose to be posting trading statements on his MQL5 profile. Here the latest positions closed by the Kiss on Billions on EURUSD are showing a net profit of 3024.01 after swaps.

Kiss on Billions on EURUSD Results

The problem with this kind of result approach is that the vendor can simply cherry-pick only profitable trades and edit any losing ones.

If Saeid believes his system works, he should use a statement-sharing platform like to showcase his work. It makes the whole thing transparent and easy to track rather than posting results on his MQL5 profile.

Otherwise, how are they supposed to convince us that their results are genuine or legit for that matter?


We are not going to recommend this service because they’ve failed in the most critical part of the presentation.

They’ve failed to link their robot parameters, setup, and algorithm to the EURUSD market and volatility and even their profit claim seems to have been cooked out of nowhere.

We cannot see any reason why a trader should pay nearly $2000 when they haven’t seen proven results yet. Result screenshots are not sufficient as trades can be cherry-picked.

Thanks for reading this Kiss on Billions on EURUSD review.

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