Hyper Bot VPS EA Review

HyperBotVPS Review. Hyper Bot VPS EA is a fully automated trading software that claims to take your trading to the next level. The developer is confident that he is offering the most profitable Forex expert advisor, the most stable VPS for 24/7 trading, and fast professional team support. They want traders to believe that this Bot is the result of thousands of hours of design, testing, and refinement.

This Hyper Bot VPS EA review looks at the features, performance, and characteristics of Hyper Bot VPS EA. We’ll also take a look at the trading and development experience of the creators.

Hyper Bot VPS EA Review

To start with, Hyper Bot VPS does not disclose their identity or even the team behind this project. No location has been disclosed either and it is very difficult to notice their trading experience in the marketplace.

However, support can be reached for interested clients via [email protected].

Hyper Bot VPS EA Review

The website of Hyper Bot VPS EA is looking very basic and the message is very simple. They want traders to know that this Forex bot is a new excellent reliable and accurate fully automated Forex trading system. For that reason, they featured a number of snippets that will supposedly make their message come out clear and louder as follows:

  • Comprehensive Forex Trading System
  • All The Trades Will Be Done Automatically
  • Work On the MT4 And MT5 platform
  • Trade Any Forex Currency Pairs
  • Reliably Track Markets
  • The Best Strategy And Precisely Set
  • Easy To Use And Set Up
  • No Minimum Deposit Required
  • Work On Any Broker

These are just other basic parameters that do not convince professional traders like us.

We have reviewed Forex EAs like Good Robot, New Hope EA, and Your Algo among others. I’ve noticed that these developers often leave out crucial information in their sales pages while focusing on sales gimmicks to entice on-lookers.

Hyper Bot VPS EA Pricing

The vendor is also clear on how long you can use any of the 3 packages – the Starter ($299) package offers only a one-year license. The Standard ($399) and Advanced ($499) packages offer lifetime licenses with no expiration time.

What we rather noticed unusually is that all the packages offer exactly the same services.

If you want to become a profitable trader, I recommend that you use one of the Best Forex Robots as advised on this page. 

I suspect that something is amiss based on what I see on the sales page of this expert advisor.

Hyper Bot VPS EA Strategy

The explanation of the trading strategy is quite convoluted and so traders won’t get a clear picture of how this Forex EA approaches the market.

Hyper Bot VPS EA Strategy

Even though the explanation isn’t quite clear, I gather that they are trying to say the Hyper Bot VPS EA works based on following price trends and range trading. The ‘Range trading’ method means that the EA is able to recognize overbought and oversold areas (or support and resistance areas) and buys at the oversold area (support) and sells at the overbought area (resistance).

The above explanation is based on my understanding of the popular strategies used in technical analysis and nowhere will you find it on their sales page.

So what I want to know is how the EA opens and closes trades and what conditions it is looking for in order to identify trends, overbought and oversold.

Hyper Bot VPS EA Results

As it stands, recommending this product relies heavily on the proof of performance of this robot.

The developer has uploaded some trading videos to show this EA’s returns on the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

Hyper Bot VPS EA Results

How can we believe these figures when this Forex robot vendor did not provide access to the same trading account? There is no password or username to ascertain this claim. We can’t be sure that the MT4 trading account is indeed owned by the creators of Hyper Bot VPS EA. It could simply be another unrelated trading account.

This account history is not reliable because we cannot verify the source. Nothing can stop a developer from uploading a video from another account here to deceive inexperienced Forex traders.


We prefer that Forex robot developers must use platforms like Myfxbook or fXblue for that matter. If none of these can be used, there’s always the chance of demonstrating trading results using an alien account or redacted broker statement.

Seeing that this developer has failed to provide in-depth strategy insight and decided to show us non-transparent trading results, we can say they are probably cheating us.

As it stands, the Hyper Bot VPS EA cannot be our recommendation today because the developer clearly fails to persuade traders that their Forex robot works.

If you have something to say about this Hyper Bot VPS EA, you can drop your comments below.

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