Hexa Trader Review

Hexa Trader is a joke. It’s a new robot whose approach sucks. In fact, that website makes it clear that they are into it to steal and disappear.

We are not quite sure if someone might fall for these tricks because those red flags are very obvious. You can’t never miss them.

Please, be advised that we are offering a solution as well. Just use any of the binary option robots found on this page. Forget Hexa Trader scam for a moment because it won’t get you anywhere meaningful in your trading pursuit.

This woman called Ashley who introduces herself as a mother of 4 children and is seen thanking the ”professor” from the bottom of her heart is just reading a script.

Fiverr actor hexa trader scam
Fiverr actor

She is an actor. The same applies to the ”MIT pass-out” Jake who claims that the Hexa Trader has changed his life.

These people are giving a false account of what this software can do. If they were hired, it means nobody could voluntarily testify because Hexa Trader is a money-sucker.

We suspect that this website is run and managed by an idiot. We don’t see what converting Binary numbers 0 and 1 has to do with binary options trading. This is nothing more than an idiotic idea sold by an idiot.

There’s no ‘proprietary’ algorithm in this software. It’s just a basic robot that was programmed to randomly select up/down trades as long as it’s on auto-trade mode.

It’s something that is akin to gambling. No real algorithm was built into this system. Moreover, authors can’t be foolish enough to give away a trading robot for free if they’ve pumped in a lot of hours to make it a success. Think about that.

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