Harvesta EA Review

Harvester EA claims to be a Forex Expert Advisor utilizing a “Probabilistic approach” for trading congestion zones based on demand and supply principles. While asserting robustness and independence from brokers, leverage, and slippage, the lack of detailed information raises concerns.

Harvesta MT4/MT5 EA

About Harvesta EA

Harvesta adopts a probabilistic trading model with a focus on congestion zones, aiming to navigate the market based on fundamental demand and supply principles. While it claims to be robust and broker-independent, specific details about its algorithm remain limited.


  1. Single Chart Setup: Harvester EA simplifies the trading process with a single chart setup, potentially streamlining the user experience.
  2. News Filter: The inclusion of a news filter suggests adaptability to market events, although the effectiveness of this feature is not extensively detailed.
  3. Stop Loss and Dynamic Take Profit: The EA employs a combination of stop loss and dynamic take profit mechanisms, enhancing trade management, but specific parameters are not explicitly provided.
  4. Carefully Programmed: Emphasizing careful programming implies an attention to detail, yet users would benefit from more explicit insights into the programming choices made.
  5. Easy Installation: The EA prides itself on easy installation with pre-configured settings, offering accessibility to users of varying experience levels.
  6. Safe and Dynamic Recovery Factor: The use of a safe and dynamic recovery factor suggests an adaptive approach to managing losses, but the exact methodology is not detailed.

Harvesta EA Trading Strategy

Harvesta’s trading strategy revolves around a probabilistic approach targeting congestion zones. The combination of stop loss and dynamic take profit aims to manage risk, with a focus on adapting to varying market conditions.

Harvesta EA Breakdown

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Harvesta EA Pros & Cons


  1. Broker Independence: Claiming to be unaffected by brokers enhances the EA’s appeal, providing flexibility to users.
  2. Easy Installation: The user-friendly installation process and pre-configured settings make it accessible for traders of various experience levels.
  3. Adaptive Risk Management: The use of dynamic recovery factors and lot adjustments showcases an adaptive risk management system.


Limited Information: The provided information lacks detailed insight into the underlying algorithm and the specific criteria for identifying congestion zones.

EA Verdict

While the EA presents a promising approach with its probabilistic strategy and adaptive risk management, potential users should exercise caution due to the limited information available. Consider testing the EA on a demo account and monitoring its performance closely before committing to live trading.

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