Happy Japanese Market EA Review 2024 (Long-term strategy)

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Happy Japanese Market EA is a fully automated Forex expert advisor that has been meticulously designed to scan the market, capturing the ideal trading opportunities for the USDJPY pair. Read this review as we delve into the features, strategy, performance, and pricing of this remarkable trading tool.

Happy Japanese Market EA
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The developer of this EA offers a plethora of added benefits. Alongside your purchase, you gain access to free updates and upgrades, guaranteeing that your trading tool remains optimized and up-to-date. Plus, the cherry on the cherry—there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you find that Happy Japanese Market EA doesn’t quite fit your trading style or expectations, you can rest assured knowing that you have the freedom to explore other options.

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Happy Japanese Market Review

Happy Japanese Market is a diligent market scanner, tirelessly analyzing the fluctuations and trends throughout the day. It employs a sophisticated indicator methodology, meticulously searching for the ideal trading input that aligns with its strategy. This ensures that you stay ahead of the game, taking advantage of the opportune moments that arise in the dynamic forex landscape.

Moreover, compatibility is a breeze with this EA. It embraces all brokers, leaving you unrestricted in your choice. Whether you prefer the services of an ECN broker or need to adhere to the FIFO rule, Happy Japanese Market stands by your side, offering seamless support. The autodetection feature of 4 or 5-digit quotes further demonstrates its adaptability, effortlessly adjusting to your specific trading environment.

Installation is a hassle-free experience, allowing you to dive into the world of forex trading without unnecessary complications. With Happy Japanese Market, you can bid farewell to tedious setup processes and focus on what truly matters – making profitable trades. Regardless of your operating system, be it Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, this expert advisor welcomes you with open arms.

Happy Japanese Market Strategy

Happy Japanese Market operates on the MetaTrader 4/5 platform, ensuring a smooth and familiar interface for traders. It sets its sights on the USDJPY, EURJPY, and GBPJPY pairs, carefully analyzing their movements to identify optimal trading opportunities. By focusing on the daily timeframe (D1), it aims for a sustainable, long-term growth strategy, rather than chasing short-lived gains.

Happy Japanese Market Performance
Happy Japanese Market Performance

With a minimum deposit requirement of $100 and a recommended deposit of $300, Happy Japanese Market accommodates traders of various budgets. This flexibility allows you to start small and gradually increase your investments as you witness positive results and build confidence in the EA’s capabilities.

EA Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Strategy: Proprietary indicators
  • Recommended Pairs: USDJPY, EURJPY, and GBPJPY
  • Time frame: D1
  • Price: From €315

Happy Japanese Market MT4/MT5 EA offers a comprehensive package at a price of 315 Euros. This purchase grants you one license, enabling you to operate an unlimited number of real and demo accounts. But that’s not all! As a bonus, you also receive the complete package of 10 Happy Forex EA’s, providing you with a diverse range of trading tools and strategies.

Happy Japanese Market EA Pricing

For loyal customers who have previously purchased the full pack of EAs, a generous discount of 30% is offered, without compromising on the quality and benefits.

Trading Result

Happy Japanese Market EA has certainly showcased impressive trading results on a real Myfxbook.com account, providing traders with a verified track record badge to instill confidence. Let’s dive into the details and analyze its performance.

Happy Japanese Market Result

The trading account, hosted by ForexMart, began its journey on January 17, 2023, with a deposit of $2,000. Since then, the expert advisor has demonstrated remarkable growth, achieving an absolute gain of +75.68%. This figure indicates a significant increase in the account balance, showcasing the EA’s ability to generate profits.

When examining the monthly gains, Happy Japanese Market EA has consistently delivered an average monthly gain of 10.95%. This indicates a steady growth trajectory, making it an attractive option for traders seeking consistent profitability over time.

It’s worth noting that the maximum drawdown recorded stands at 30.48%. Although this is a moderate drawdown level, it indicates a certain level of risk associated with the trading strategy. Traders should carefully consider their risk tolerance and use appropriate risk management techniques to safeguard their investments.

Happy Japanese Market EA Trading Statistics

Happy Japanese Market EA has executed a total of 49 trades and 1,618.3 pips. The trading accuracy rate reveals that the EA has shown proficiency in its trading decisions. Long trades have been successful with an accuracy rate of 79%, while shorts have achieved a perfect accuracy rate of 100%. This showcases the EA’s ability to identify profitable opportunities in both bullish and bearish market conditions. On average, the trades executed by Happy Japanese Market EA have a duration of 3 days. With a Profit Factor of 3.53, the EA demonstrates an effective risk-to-reward ratio.

Happy Japanese Market Trading Pair

The EA trades only on the USDJPY pair with an astonishing win rate.

Happy Japanese Market Trading Time

It’s worth noting that all trades conducted by Happy Japanese Market EA take place at midnight, indicating a specific time-based trading approach. Traders should consider this aspect and ensure that their trading conditions align with the EA’s trading schedule.

Happy Japanese Market Trading Days

Furthermore, the EA exhibits activity on weekdays, with Friday being the most active day.

Happy Japanese Market EA Review Conclusion

Happy Japanese Market EA has displayed impressive trading results on a real account, showcasing substantial gains and consistent monthly returns.

With its automated prowess and robust strategy, it navigates the USDJPY pair with finesse, opening up avenues for long-term stable growth.

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Happy Japanese Market Expert Advisor

315 EUR

Trading Result











  • Performance result
  • Myfxbook result
  • Easy to use
  • Fair pricing
  • Free upgrade and updates
  • 30-day Money-back guarantee
  • High win rate


  • Moderate drawdown
  • Poor strategy insight
  • No trial version
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