HAlgo RTM EA Review

HAlgo RTM is a fully automated trading algorithm that can trade several currency pairs on a one-hour timeframe USDCAD chart. According to the developer, the Forex expert advisor can trade 3 to 10 trades per week and does not use either grid or martingale. In this review, we will discuss all the features of the robot to understand its profitability and credibility.

HAlgo RTM EA Review

Hamza Ashraf from the United Kingdom is the vendor of the EA, with 6 active product listings and 3 live signals on MQL5. He claims to be working as a developer since 2017 but fails to provide any evidence to prove his claims. There is no information on their whereabouts. No websites or options are available to contact the author other than the MQL5 platform.

HAlgo RTM EA Review

An in-depth analysis of the HAlgo RTM EA has discovered that the robot failed to give a good insight into the trading strategy. The drawdown is good at the moment, but the overall growth isn’t promising to make the traders invest in this system. The vendor touts the following features:

  • The expert advisor doesn’t use the grid or martingale strategy.
  • It can trade multiple currencies from one chart.
  • The recommended pairs (USDCAD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, CADCHF, EURGBP) are entered in the EA settings as default
  • The EA uses Stoploss for each trade
  • The recommended deposit for this EA is 200+ GBP for the recommended pairs.
  • The robot can work on MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading terminals.

HAlgo RTM EA Strategy

The HAlgo RTM AI algorithm does not use grid or martingale strategies and uses a dedicated stop-loss and take-profit for each trade.

The expert advisor needs a sensible trade strategy to deliver pleasing customer outcomes.  Meanwhile, the best Forex EA applies a tried-and-tested approach to trading.  A sensible investment approach will deliver pleasing returns on your funds. HAlgo RTM EA sales page is devoid of important trade details.


  • Type: Forex Expert Advisor
  • Strategy: Reversion to Mean
  • Recommended Timeframe: H1
  • Price: $399.99

HAlgo RTM EA Pricing

HAlgo RTM is sold at a one-time price of $399.99 for a lifetime license. The price is expensive compared to the other EAs available in the Forex market. There is also a free demo option provided, which can be used to test the performance of the robot before the final purchase.


The developer shares the 1-hour backtesting results of the USDCAD symbol. The EA was tested for 6 years of historical data between 2017.01.01-2022.11.01. The stats consist of 179276547 ticks with a history quality of 99.00%. The system made 902 trades, of which 629 were winners, and 273 were lost. The relative drawdown can be seen as 5.97%, and the profit factor was 5.48. The backtesting records were not provided properly as there is no detailed statement.

HAlgo Backtest

HAlgo RTM EA Result

The vendor provided a link to live trading records of the EA on the MQL5 website. The account started trading on 2022.10.28 and has been live till today. With an initial amount of $5000, the system performed 74.4% profitable traders with a profit of 702.32 GBP. The robot places 0 trades per week, and the average holding time is 14 hours.

HAlgo RTM EA Result

The system showed a gain of +14%, with a profit factor of 2.35 and 1:500 leverage. It participated in 39 trades, out of which 10 trades were losing. The average profit of the algorithm is 42.14 GBP, and the average loss is -51.96 GBP, which does not look promising.

HAlgo Trade statistics

The maximum drawdown value of the robot is 5.4%. The working methodology is a red flag as there is no consistency shown by the robot in placing trades.

Halgo ea drawdown

HAlgo RTM Review – Conclusion

HAlgo RTM is an AI-based automated trading robot with 6 years of backtesting records and a live trading signal. Still, the backtesting report is merely a screenshot, and the live records are not available on reputed third-party websites. The pattern of opening executions looks strange as per the MQL 5 statement, and the developers are not keen to provide any explanation on the topic.

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Where to Trade?

Remember you will need to integrate the EA software with your trading account. In order to do that smoothly you will need a broker that offers Metatrader 4/5 and allows you to use Expert Advisor in their Terms of Use. You need a compliant broker with fast transaction processing (no delays, no platform freezing) and relatively cheap trading costs (remember your EA can do lots of transactions, so you don’t want a forex broker which will shave you on commissions, overnight fees or high spreads)

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HAlgo RTM Expert Advisor


Trading Result











  • Performance result
  • Recommendations
  • Multiple currency pairs
  • Fair pricing


  • No verified result
  • Poor strategy insight
  • Low trading activity
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