Gold Trade Pro EA Review

Gold Trade Pro is a Forex trading EA that aims to provide a unique approach to Gold trading. In this review, we will provide a detailed analysis of the EA, covering its features, trading strategy, and both the pros and cons.

Gold Trade Pro MT4/MT5 EA

Gold Trade Pro EA Review

Gold Trade Pro is an Expert Advisor (EA) developed by Profalgo Limited, tailored for trading the XAUUSD (Gold) pair. Its distinguishing feature is its claim to offer a genuine trading strategy in contrast to the grid/martingale systems typically found in the market.

Features: The key features of ‘Gold Trade Pro’ include:

  1. Real Trading Strategy: The EA is designed to employ a real trading strategy, setting it apart from the more common grid/martingale systems.
  2. Multiple Strategies: The inclusion of seven distinct trading strategies is aimed at providing a more stable growth curve.
  3. Risk Management: ‘Gold Trade Pro’ emphasizes a risk management approach that involves setting Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) levels from the beginning and implementing a trailing Stop Loss (SL) to minimize risk while maximizing potential profits.
  4. Low Minimum Balance: With a recommended minimum balance of $200, it aims to be accessible to a broader range of traders.
  5. Easy Setup: Setting up the EA is straightforward, requiring placement on a daily Gold chart and adjusting lot size settings.

Trading Strategy

The core trading strategy of Gold Trade Pro revolves around the breakout of daily support and resistance levels. This approach is considered effective for trading a volatile instrument like Gold. Risk management is underscored through the use of predetermined TP and SL levels, along with the implementation of a trailing SL.

Gold Trade Pro EA Setup

The advice to begin with a conservative 1% risk per trade is intended to provide a cautious approach to risk management.

Gold Trade Pro Backtest
Gold Trade Pro Backtest

Gold Trade Pro Expert Advisor


  1. Real Trading Strategy: The EA’s commitment to a non-grid/martingale strategy is a potential advantage, as it may offer a more genuine approach to trading.
  2. Multiple Strategies: The inclusion of seven strategies may contribute to a more diversified and stable performance.
  3. Low Minimum Balance: The recommended minimum balance of $200 makes ‘Gold Trade Pro’ accessible to traders with limited capital.
  4. Risk Management: The incorporation of TP, SL, and trailing SL demonstrates an effort to manage risk effectively.


  1. Unverified Live Results: The EA suggests that live results will be available in the future; however, as of now, there are no verified live results to assess its real-world performance.


Gold Trade Pro presents itself as a Gold trading EA with a unique trading strategy and a focus on risk management. However, the absence of verified live results introduces some uncertainty about its actual performance in live market conditions. Traders considering this EA should approach it with caution, perform thorough research, and consider demo testing before engaging in live trading. It is important to wait for verified live results to gain a clearer understanding of its performance.

For more information on the best Forex EAs with verified results, you can visit our page on the best Forex EA with live verified results. This page offers insights into EAs with a track record of effectiveness through third-party statement sharing sites, providing a more reliable and transparent assessment of their performance.

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