FXMath X-Trader EA Review

FXMath X-Trader EA is a 100% automated trading software for your MT4 plugin. Allegedly, this is the best Forex robot for you. However, their myfxbook profile shows that the Forex robot only generates +20.3% per month with a whooping 82.2% as risk ruin. To know what this means in your trading, read our FXMath X-Trader EA review.

FXMath X-Trader is selling 3 categories of lifetime licenses – Silver, Gold and Diamond. Prices range from $99 for Silver to $149 for a Diamond license. Silver package allows clients to use the EA on a single real account. The Gold allows 2 real account while the Diamond package owners are entitled to 3 real Forex account.

Aside from this, the developer is not keen on providing background details of their operation, their location and even their names. However, we found a Google Map tool at the bottom of their sales page that is not currently available. The Google Map tool is supposed to help visitors to confirm the location of an online business and we call upon the developer to make necessary amendment to fix this feature.

We currently have no idea who is behind the FXMath X-Trader because this information has never been disclosed. They feel that this is not as important as the product they’re promoting. Having said this, our analysis of the Forex robot’s features will let you know whether or not you want it.

FXMath X_Trader EA Review

FXMath X-Trader Review

FXMath X-Trader is selling an EA they claim can analyze the market 24 hours for you to find the best trading opportunities. FXMath X-Trader also reassures traders that with their EA,  you don’t have to do anything because it is 100% automated forex robot. ”The system will trade for you while you eat, sleep, and live your life”. The developer feels that their algorithm really works because they’ve tested it on an FXBlue account.

This is a very interesting promise, one that we cannot believe at the moment because we’ve seen that despite FXMath X-Trader having a track record of trading, risk of ruin is very high. This  signifies the probability of a fall in the account balance based on the trading history.

Their fxblue.com account is actually showing that the account has a risk of ruin of 82.2%. If this is the case, there is high chance that the FXMath X-Trader account balance will blow up based on their trading history on FX Blue platform.

In any case, we’re still recommending the best Forex trading tools here on this page. In case you would like to embark on a journey of trading Forex like a professional, those tools will always go a long way to help you achieve consistent results.

FXMath X-Trader Strategy

During our reviews of FXMath X-Trader, we saw that they provided a very basic explanation on the software methodology.

They provide the following explanation with regards to how the robot works:

The trading logics is that the advisor finds the most likely trend direction for the next days and opens needed order in specified time. Signal calculations are based on math. As the result our system gives more than 90% of win trades.

We still appreciate the much they have provided to support their promise that FXMath X_Trader can generate 90% win rate

Nevertheless, we feel that a Forex vendor should always verify such figures if they have to use them in their marketing material

Trading Result

FXMath X-Trader has provided their FXBlue profile for the analysis of their trading results. Gains are 1540.3% and were achieved over 1 year. In this FXBlue profile, monthly returns are only +20.3% which is a far cry from their alleged 90% win rate.

Risk of ruin is 82.2% which is quite unacceptable.

Trading systems that have this kind of risk of ruin usually have an element of scalping, grid trading or Martingale and in as much as the vendor is not admitting, they appear to be taking huge unnecessary risks while trading.

We feel that these results are good but the high risk of ruin is making it impossible to believe that FXMath X-Trader can provide a consistent income.

Customer reviews

Feedback is really important because what FXMath X-Trader says can sharply differ from what real customers are confessing.

We found a single review of a client on FPA. So this will probably be a good chance for us to see what real user experience. see below.

FXMath X-Trader Consumer reviews


FXMath X-Trader is an expert advisor with minimal gains but the high risk of ruin is making us lose trust in their risk management abilities. We’re not sure how the 90% win rate are supposed to be achieved.

Therefore, we’ll not recommend this Forex robot today because it still falls short of our expectations with regards to listing in our most popular Forex trading tools page.


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