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Before you decide to join the FXMasterBot, we strongly suggest you read this important FXMasterBot review so that you can find out the truth about the FXMasterBot. This review will help you to find out what is FX Master Bot. There are high chances that you will make real profits using it.

The FXMasterBot was one of its kind Forex and crypto software that tells us what we want to hear from a legit system that’s not out to swindle you of your hard-earned money. In fact, the team behind the FXMasterBot platform has given a thorough explanation of how their product works. They are not beating around the bush as other scams do. It appears they know what they are talking about, and for this reason, we are going to give this App the credibility that it deserves.

Update: The most popular Forex robot now is WallStreet Forex Robot.

FXMasterBot review: Why it’s Not a Scam?

Genuine Forex and Crypto robots are hard to come by these days. At some point, we even thought that every other software released in 2017 would turn out to be a fraud. But we were proved wrong because in as much as scams are everywhere, we have managed to handpick a few genuine (some of which we have talked about in our past reviews). So let us show you why you should get started with FXMasterBot APP.


Type: Automated Forex and Crypto trading signals software

Minimum Deposit: $100

Minimum Investment: $25

AVE. Return: 86%

Licensed Brokers: Yes

Demo: $1500 Free Demo

Official Website: www.fxmasterbot.com.

Features of FXMasterBot

They say this is a simple auto-trading bot that generates real signals and trades them automatically. The team behind this FXMasterBot program is not claiming that they’ve spent a decade experimenting with this software. Instead, they are saying that in the course of coming up with FXMasterBot, they have done a lot of research to try to unearth methods with the highest success rate in the financial markets. For this reason, they have been able to achieve a remarkable win rate, almost hitting the 90% mark in cumulative trades that are won each day.

It is very simple to review this FXMasterBot method, although its amazing win rate will leave you by surprise. So in this section where we’re supposed to highlight its features, we shall tell you why we can confirm that this is the kind of thing you should get involved with.

1. It combines several trading methods for the best results

It’s a fact that everyone who wants to realize handsome profits in trading must learn the ins and outs of the game. This includes analyzing charts and trends to try and identify what works and what doesn’t. Most reviews keep upbeat with the latest news in the financial markets, just in case a particular asset value is likely to change.

Anyway, there is mention that FXMasterBot signals will only be generated after the software analyzes potential results based on Classic, Fibonacci, and Martingale trading methods. On top of this, it relies on the best market indicators to improve the win rate most of the time. We are talking of things like Stochastic Oscillators, MACD, RSI, Commodity Channel Index, and so forth.

That is how manual trading sounds like because you have to learn all those techniques and indicators. However, because FXMasterBot App is highly intelligent, it will give you the results you want without sacrificing your time and investment.

2. Very good win rate

You might think this software provider is exaggerating things. However, after scrutinizing & reviewing it carefully, we have come to realize that indeed FXMasterBot system will produce an 89.7% win rate on average.

3. Nothing to download

One feature that we all love in legit trading bots is that they will always reside on the web as opposed to having traders download to use them. Not all traders welcome the idea of downloading trading platforms into their PCs or smart devices. But if the software is hosted on the internet, it brings convince because data is stored in the cloud, plus access is always initiated remotely without consuming storage.

4. A very simple interface to use

If you were looking for an FXMasterBot scam because you suspected it was a fraud, you better think again. This program has combined a number of features that will profit individual traders. And then the makers of the software ensured that it had one of the beginner-friendly interfaces around. It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or a newbie. As long as you got this one running, you will know what to do. Also, since it’s all automatic, you have nothing to worry about.

5. You can try the robot free on a demo account

The bot comes with a Demo feature, through which users can test the robot free of charge before making a physical deposit. There’s also a Reverse trading feature, which is available in case an investor feels that the bot is choosing to trade in the wrong direction.

6. Licensed Brokers

As for the broker that you will be using, The FXMasterBot will automatically redirect you to the right brokerage firm on the internet. This depends on the availability of partner brokers in your specific country.

While for the time being, only 10 Forex brokers are supported, the manufacturer plans to add more brokers. The FXMasterBot will upgrade automatically to accommodate the new brokers, by upgrading its dashboard. New features will be added in a similar manner.

Advantages of the FXMasterBot System

It feels good to learn that FXMasterBot software has an outstanding win rate that has been tested several times and has been found to represent the actual thing. You will see that indeed this is nothing but the truth in this FXMasterBot review, thanks to the average win rate that many users have reported in the past. Secondly, they’ve got win trade statistics somewhere in the middle of the website to show you that indeed trades are being won here.

They are not just quoting crazy figures as scams do. Instead, what we are seeing here is within reasonable limits. Notice that there are certain trades that will not win as well. So at least we have a few instances where trades are making nothing. But for the most part of it, it’s just profits.

Is FXMasterBot A Scam?

That is not really a question in this instance. The company behind FXMasterBot are European professionals and the bot is made only for real investors. FXMasterBot provides high-frequency execution with updated signals.

We have proved so and everything you see on this fxmasterbot.com website is real. Also, take note that they are not using a .co extension like what other scams use. They are not making any outrageous claims of making wealth in a fortnight.


FXmasterBot Platform


FXMasterBot Configuration Settings

In addition to Reverse Trading, there are other important features to configure the Forex Master Bot settings

  • Max Concurrent Trades – This is the number of trades that the robot can trade at the same time.
  • Daily Take Profit – You can set your maximum daily profit
  • Daily Stop Loss – Tell the robot the maximum number of wrong trades it can make in a day. This is the best part as you will not allow the robot to waste your money on losing trades.
  • Max Daily Trades – Set the total number of trades the robot will place in a day.

FXMasterBot Advanced Settings

The trade Expiration Period ranges from short-term to long-term. And more importantly, do not forget to make use of the Risk Level Guage. The FXMasterBot risk gauge is coded in colors, red means high risk and green low-risk trade.

Pricing and how to get started

If you own as low as $100 and would like to invest and earn a profit, this is what you need to do.

First thing is to deposit in one of the brokers of FXMasterBot. To do this, you must be logged into your account, click the deposit button, and you will be redirected to a licensed broker where you will select your preferred method of deposit. The broker is where your deposit is going, so make sure you are using a licensed broker.

Once you have your account loaded with the cash you will need to go to the robot trading platform and start trading. You can easily do that by placing instant auto trade which will automatically trade Forex with the highest payout offered on the market. You can also configure the robot, where you will need to set the parameters at which you are willing to trade.

Once you successfully place trades you can now withdraw your funds in USD.

Using FXMasterBot is EASY

  • Create an account.
  • Go to the deposit page, choose a regulated broker, and deposit.
  • Once you have deposited, go to the robot platform and click auto trade.

Once you have successfully placed a trade you can withdraw your funds in USD.

FXMasterBot Account Type

FXMasterBot comes with 3 investment plans :

FXMasterBot Novice Account – This account is considered a beginner’s account since the deposit is only $100 which is the minimum to use it. Traders get special benefits that include 3 currency pairs and a chance to open 3 trades at the same time. Also, you can trade with multiple brokers and get points on Leaderboard x1

FXMasterBot Expert Account – With the upgraded form of novice account, traders can trade with 9 currency pairs, get additional settings for their account, and have a Leaderboard multiplier x2. The minimum deposit for this account is $500

FXMasterBot Master Account – With this account, traders will use all the benefits that FXMasterBot offers. To use this account, traders need to deposit with two brokers $500 on each account. The benefits of this account are access to all advanced settings, all currency pairs, VIP customer support treatment, and Leaderboard multiplier x3.

Our best advice for you

If you were to research the most successful people in the world, you would find that a large percentage had that success come through wise investing. The FXMasterBot System is a very effective trading software you can rely on to give you the profits you want from the financial markets.

The website is professional, plus their terms of service are real as opposed to spun ToS pages we see in scam trading sites. We have definitely given it a go-ahead. So if you want a system that works, choose FXMasterBot App. Share your views below.


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  1. I am definitely considering to join this company. QUESTION: Did you do a review on Fintech Ltd? I had a rather distressing time with them.

  2. Hola.
    Estoy interesado en Fxmasterbot pero tengo dudas sobre como operar. No tengo muy claro como funciona la opcion Trading inversa. ¿Me pueden dar una explicación mas estensa?.
    ¿Que días son lo recomendable para operar y a que horas operar? Soy de España.

  3. Was ich beim Master Bot vermisse, sind die Beschreibungen, die hier zu lesen sind. Außerdem sehe ich das Handelsdiagramm nur im Echtgelmodus und kann nicht kontrollieren, wo der Kurs steht.

    1. Mit dem FX-Master-Bot können Sie den täglichen Stop-Loss, den täglichen Take-Profit und die Anzahl der Trades, die zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt getätigt werden, kontrollieren.

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