FX Tech Strategy Review

FX Tech Strategy is a currency analysis and daily signals vendor based on technical analysis. FX Tech Strategy is powered by someone called Mohamed Isah. MI said to have 6 years in technical analysis. They tell us that FXTechstrategy delivers powerful analysis and trade ideas of 10 currencies to you every day to help you improve your trading results.

FX Tech Strategy is furnishing clients with 4 packages to choose – Starter, Pro trader, Plus trader and Premium trader. Monthly subscriptions ranges from $29-$119.

Supposedly. FX Tech Strategy places trades at the best price levels daily and stay on top of your trades. It is so popular that upto 3,497+ traders use FXTechstrategy to make better, profitable trades

This is definitely great news and in our FX Tech Strategy result analysis, we shall let you know whether this services is living up to expectation.

FX Tech Strategy Analysis


FX Tech Strategy Review

During our reviews of FX Tech Strategy, we saw that they did not provide a verified trading result for us to analyse and track. On their performance section, you will see a tabular chart that is meant to depict trading performance. This is very poor approach for result analysis. As far as we are concern, anybody with basic website coding can make up jawbreaking figures to entice you.

FX Tech Strategy Performance

We’ve always stated that there’s no point in using this kind of results at this time because they don’t provide a true picture of what may happen when trading the live Forex market.

What are the best sources to learn technical analysis?

Mastering technical analysis means gaining a foundational understanding of the market behavior. Best way to master technical analysis is by reading books, taking online or offline courses, or reading through educational websites.

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