FX Premiere Review

FX Premiere is a poor signals service. They showed us a result – a result which honestly does not make FX Premiere more reliable than signals services that does not have a result at all.  In any case if you are thinking about placing a trade with this service be sure to read the following review first.

FX Premiere Review

Various trading instruments, including crypto CFDs

The variety of trading instruments is always welcome. With FX Premiere, you can receive signals on major and minor currency pairs  like USD/CAD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, AUD/USD, GOLD, CRUDE OIL.

As for the CFDs the choice is between gold, oil, and a couple of major crypto coins including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Zcash.

Easy to use

We like the easiness in which the forex signals are sent. you only need to choose a package, activate sms signals and receive signals on assets. The signals comes with the direction of trade, the price, take profit and stop loss.

You can test it out with $30/month

The FX Premiere comes with 4 packages including the trial package which is the cheapest. The cost to test things out with FX Premiere is $37/month and that we should admit it is a standard amount with most signals vendor. Some big players like GPS Forex Robot and Duplitrade however do not require you to pay any amount to test out a signal.

The regular Forex trading signals package goes for £99/4 months, the same package with crypto currency signals goes for £199/4 months and a longer version of this package goes for £379/11 months.

Each of these packages are pretty similar, in that they promise a 75% win ratio, and approximately the same amount of signal sent on a daily basis. The only main difference, is that they promise up to 8000 pips per month on the most expensive plan, and 1000 on the cheapest. These type of promises seemed way too aggressive and very unlikely to be met by any trader.

Having said this, it is clear that FX Premiere is looking to compete with major professional signal services but the fact that it does’nt have a verified account means that these features won’t be very beneficial to you. The vendor needs to prove that they are not a potential scam and that our money will not be wasted on the wrong hand. To prove so, they need to publish a result with a statement sharing service firm in the community. This brings us to the discussion of whether or not FX Premiere result is verified.

No verified trading result

The website is managed by an unknown person, who is in charge of updating a monthly result. But as we already noted a trading result shown on their website is hardly worth more than the piece it is written on.

It is true that the result is showing us the asset, direction of trade, entry and exit time as well as whether the trade hit profit or loss, but that is not comparable with the live public result with all myfxbook verified signals.

Also a result posted on their own website by an unknown person simply lacks the potential to be believed and FX Premiere lacks the right to give financial advise to traders.

Besides, with a signal verified by myfxbook, you can assess the results dating back to as far as 2015. So here you may also check our list of top rated signals software.

Review Verdict – We cannot recommend FX Premiere!

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FX Premiere Review Conclusion

FX Premiere could have easily killed it but because the vendor is not demonstrating their alleged success rate through independently tested trading results, we cannot believe that this is a good product to use. On top of this, there is no free trial for us to test and see the worth of this software and customer reviews are not helpful. You better stick to these trading tools. 

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