FX Eternals Review 2024 (FX Eternals EA Revealed!)

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FX Eternals EA is a fully automated robot that harnesses cutting-edge technology to navigate the dynamic world of the Forex market. With its advanced features, strategic approach, and competitive pricing, FX Eternals EA is poised to revolutionize your trading experience. Let’s dive into the remarkable features that set this robot apart from the competition.

FX Eternals EA
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FX Eternals EA offers a game-changing solution for Forex traders seeking automation, accuracy, and profitability. Backed by three comprehensive backtesting results and a verified trading account result, this Forex expert advisor has the credentials to back up its claims. With its intelligent strategy, reliable support, and extensive documentation, FX Eternals EA provides a seamless trading experience.

Embrace the future of Forex trading with FX Eternals EA and unlock the potential for consistent, long-term profits.

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FX Eternals EA Review

FX Eternals MT4/MT5 isn’t your average trading robot. It’s armed with an original built-in indicator that delves into the market, meticulously analyzing the trend direction on a specified number of bars with its News Filter feature. This unique strategy ensures that it stays ahead of the curve, adapting to market fluctuations and positioning you for success.

But that’s not all; the flexibility of FX Eternals truly sets it apart. With three different risk settings—Low, Middle, and High—you can tailor the EA to suit your trading style and risk tolerance. Whether you prefer a cautious approach or are ready to take on higher stakes, FX Eternals has got you covered.

Recommended for trading the USDCAD pair with an H4 time frame, FX Eternals optimizes its performance with leverage as high as 1:100. Also, no matter the size of your trading capital, this EA can be configured to work in your favor.

FX Eternals Strategy

FX Eternals EA employs a long-term profitable strategy, backed by a sophisticated drawdown algorithm that aligns with your risk preferences. It’s designed to strike a balance between profitability and risk management, giving you the confidence to venture into the Forex market.

FX Eternals EA Transactions
FX Eternals EA Transactions

The recommended pair, USDCAD, and the H4 time frame provide an optimal trading environment to maximize potential gains.

EA Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Robot
  • Strategy: Trend indicators, News Filter
  • Currency Pairs: USDCAD
  • Time frame: H4
  • Price: From $99.

FX Eternals EA believes in providing options to cater to diverse traders, so they offer three alluring packages.

  1. Start – For a modest $99/ lifetime license, you get access to FX Eternals on one real account, unlimited demo accounts, and the peace of mind that comes with 24×7 support and free updates. Plus, you have the added advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.
  2. Ultimate – The Ultimate package, priced at $249/ lifetime license, expands your horizons with access to the EA on five real accounts, unlimited demo accounts, and all the other fantastic features offered in the Start package. Flexibility and diversification at its finest!
  3. Standard – A value-packed option at $149/ lifetime license, the Standard package grants you the benefits of FX Eternals on three real accounts, unlimited demo accounts, and the same unbeatable support and money-back guarantee.

FX Eternals Pricing

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, FX Eternals EA has a pricing option that suits your needs. The lifetime license ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of this remarkable tool without any recurring fees.

Trading Result Analysis

FX Eternals EA has proven itself to be a formidable force in the Forex market, as evidenced by its live trading stats on the FXBlue platform. With a verified real USD account that has been active for over a year, the EA has showcased its ability to generate consistent profits and impressive growth.

FX Eternals EA Result

Starting with an initial deposit of $2000, FX Eternals EA has achieved a remarkable profit of +32,066.14, resulting in a current balance of $34,066.14. This outstanding performance translates to an astounding growth rate of +1,603.3%, a testament to the EA’s ability to capitalize on market opportunities.

FX Eternals Trading Stats

Throughout its trading journey, FX Eternals EA has executed a total of 436 trades. The win rates for both long and short positions stand at an impressive 72% and 71% respectively, indicating a well-balanced and effective trading strategy. The profit factor of 2.55 further reinforces the EA’s prowess, indicating that for every unit of risk taken, the EA has generated 2.55 units of profit. This signifies a healthy risk-reward ratio, further enhancing the appeal of FX Eternals EA as a reliable trading companion. In terms of pips won, FX Eternals EA has secured an impressive 15,717.4 pips, a testament to its ability to capture significant market movements.

While the drawdown stat remains hidden, the overall trading performance of FX Eternals EA, as reflected in the impressive profit, win rates, and growth rate, suggests a well-managed risk profile. Additionally, with a total of 134.64 traded lots, the EA showcases its ability to manage positions effectively, optimizing potential gains while mitigating risks.

FX Eternals EA Review Conclusion

FX Eternals EA has demonstrated exceptional trading results, delivering consistent profits and impressive growth.

Its original indicator, multiple risk settings, and robust strategy make it a true companion for traders seeking long-term profitability. And with different packages to suit your needs, FX Eternals makes it easier than ever to embark on your journey to financial success.

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FX Eternals Expert Advisor

99 USD

Trading Result











  • Performance result
  • FXBlue Account
  • Long term profits
  • Low pricing
  • Money-back guaantee
  • Experienced support


  • Poor strategy insight
  • Hidden drawdown
  • Only USDCAD
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