FX Classic Trader Review

FX Classic Trader is an automated trading robot that claims to have up to 2190 clients. The owners of FX Classic Trader are declaring that they are one of the leading software-providing companies specializing in professional and high-quality programming solutions for automated forex robots. The FX Classic Trader robot is purported to be the result of years of hard work and testing to develop a fully automated trading solution. If you’re the kind of trader that falls for sweet words, marketers will lie and mislead you every day.

Therefore, if you’re reading this FX Classic Trader EA review, you should be keen on the things we’re discussing and the issues we’re raising. Afterward, you’ll have a good clue of what this EA is and whether or not it can be of any benefit to your trading.

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FX Classic Trader Review

FX Classic Trader developer does not wish to disclose their identity or physical address. They provided a Google Map tool but the plugin is currently offline. Contact email is at [email protected]. However, they seem to focus so much on reassuring traders that their EA is the next big thing in the marketplace.

FX Classic Trader Review

The developer wants traders to know that thousands upon thousands of hours of programming and testing have gone into the research and development of FX Classic Trader. They also want traders to know that this Forex robot is not just another EA but a perfect trading strategy that is safe, robust, and profitable at the same time. In addition to this, the vendor has said that their Forex robot is fully automated, has smart money management, follows FIFO, is workable with all brokers, has lifetime support, and has 100% verified results.

FX Classic Trader EA Review

But we also need to remember that these promises are made by nearly every Forex robot vendor out there. We’ve seen this style of promotion with developers of robots like Forex Pip KillerForex Lush, Fly Higher Nova, and many others. They always want to promote their products using the best phrases they can think of. But the reality is always different.

So FX Classic Trader developer is not the first vendor to peddle his products using this style of marketing.


There are 3 license packages available for clients – Basic ($109), Business ($129), and Premium ($149). All the packages come with a lifelong license, Free upgrades, and support.

The Basic license allows for 1 demo and one live account, the Business package allows for 2 demo and 2 live accounts while the Premium allows for 3 demo and 3 live accounts.

FX Classic Trader Package

Software Strategy

The FX Classic Trader trading logic explanations come out shallow and lacking in details. We can see that the EA strategy is based on support/resistance and indicator analysis. According to them, the EA analyses the market every day with a unique algorithm that solves when to close and open transactions. In addition to this, the vendor has said that their Forex robot is non-Martingale.

FX Classic Trader Strategy

They have said that their Forex robot is broker independent and the risk management is professionally designed to cut losses early and allow good trades to run to maximize gains.

At this point, we need to look at the product quality with regard to trade performance and what the FX Classic Trader equity curve looks like.

Software Results

The FX Classic Trader is tracking their trade performance and equity curve on the FXBlue apparatus instead of the myfxbook.com platform. This means that there is a loophole for some kind of manipulation.

FX Classic Trader Results

The FXBlue statistics is showing a total return of 156.64% within 116 days of the trading period. The monthly return is +32.2% and the peak drawdown is -1.8% which looks too good to be true. The equity curve had been rising steadily over the months. So the question is why the developer is not tracking their result on myfxbook.com. Is this developer manipulating statistics?

While results for the FX Classic Trader Forex robot seem impressive, we‘re still worried about the fact that this developer failed to use the service of Myfxbook. This means that either the developer is fixing some stats with FXBlue or the developer wants to manipulate the results in the feature if the EA strategy fails. Either way, it is a trick that is commonly used by many Forex robot developers. It is hard to find a developer who has a perfect and profiting Myfxbook equity curve.


The FX Classic Trader Forex robot team needs to explain to us why they are not tracking performance on myfxbook.com if the EA is actually achieving impressive results. We also need to build confidence based on the experience and achievements of the people behind the software.

Otherwise, we feel that this product is not ready for the market yet and traders could be looking for something better. Thanks for reading the FX Classic Trader EA Review.

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2 thoughts on “FX Classic Trader Review”

  1. Temperance Mkatshwa

    Thanks for this information. I was scammed by this so call Classic Forex Trader selling the robot that he claimed it will make me money. I paid $170 for the robot and i used it in 2 hour it blew all my $400 account. When i contact them they ignoring my messages. This is a scam and most people are going to fall for it.

  2. Rebaone Tebogo Ramolemana

    Fx classic network is a scam they did not pay us our money,we need our hard earned cash the money I invested and let them keep their profit. I only need my $990 that I invested,they have scammed a lot of people and some has suicidal thoughts.

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