FX Blaster Pro EA Review

FX Blaster Pro is a new automated trading robot that was released in March 2020. The developer proclaims that FXBlasterPro has a unique and high-efficient trading strategy. They want traders to know that their Forex robot was written in MetaQuotes Language 4 by a team of experienced programmers with more than 10 years of experience. We’ll try our best to analyze what we have understood concerning FX Blaster Pro EA, the trading logic, and performance. FX Blaster Pro Review

The vendors did not provide proof concerning their identity, development experience, and where they are operating the FX Blaster Pro from. Also, they failed to provide any online contact facility via phone, email, or live chat. All we can see is a section of their website containing a redundant contact form for anyone interested in making inquiries about their FX Blaster Pro EA.

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FX Blaster Pro Review

The various sections of the FX Blaster Pro sales page are brief and somehow straight to the point. Immediately, they tell us that the Forex robot is consistent and profitable with verified results. FX Blaster Pro EA Review Most of us with no significant trading experience will get excited when we see this kind of introduction. However, the reality is that the market does change a lot. A Forex robot can be on the winning side now but it will only be a matter of time before the algorithm fails due to changing market behavior. If there are no updates to catch up with the changing markets, the robot will end up eroding an account for that matter. The vendor also wants traders to know that the FX Blaster Pro EA is easy to use and can be customized and adapted to individual needs. In addition to this, they reassure the community that their expert advisor works with all brokers and accounts.

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FX Blaster Pro EA Features

My understanding is that if you use a broker with no positive reputation, chances are that they will never accept trading with any of the best Forex robots that consistently make profits. So, we advise that you always stick with brokers who are fully regulated and reputable.

Software Strategy

The FX Blaster Pro EA strategy comes out as a combination of trading strategies and indicator signals. Though the vendor failed to produce sufficient details on the trading algorithm, we see that it combines the concepts of smart trend/grid/hedge/semi-martingale according to risk low/middle/high/combi EA files. It’s quite apparent that the FX Blaster Pro EA is a grid trader as the developer confesses that one of its advantages is that it uses reinsurance positions (grid strategy). FX Blaster Pro EA Strategy Apart from these, the developer fails to explain the entry, exit, risk management strategy, and the specific market structure that their EA trades. So we can also say that this strategy explanation is not adequate. Recently, we’ve had robot developers providing us with very shallow strategy insight. Some of them include FX Classic Trader, Forex Pip KillerForex Lush, and many others.

Software License The FX Blaster Pro is priced in two according to the number of accounts available for activations. The FXBlasterPro standard ($299) allows for only one account while the FXBlasterPro advance ($499) allows for 3 accounts. FX Blaster Pro EA Pricing

Software Results

The vendor of FX Blaster Pro EA provided two myfxbook.com result testimonials according to risk settings – FXBlasterPro High and FXBlasterPro Low. Both are live account tests started with a deposit of $1000 at the Fort Financial Services MT4.

The FXBlasterPro high-risk test has a total trade of over 1802, an average trade length of 2h 32m, and shows a total gain of +152.91%.

The FXBlasterPro low-risk test has fewer trades of over 745 before the weekend, a shorter trade length of 9h 20m, and shows a total gain of +38.39%. As expected, the FXBlasterPro High has a comparatively higher drawdown of 15.12%,  whereas the FXBlasterPro Low shows a lower drawdown of 4.88%. Relative to each other, the FXBlasterPro High account and FXBlasterPro Low shows a classical High Risk and Low-risk reward pattern of performance statistics.


We like what we see from the FX Blaster Pro within this short period of existence. We think that this vendor is quite meticulous about what they present to us in this marketplace. What we would like the developer to do is provide more details on the actual trading methodology and interplay of trading indicators. Also, a little introductory section for the people behind this EA will help convince a lot more minds. Considering that the FX Blaster Pro is quite new in the marketplace, we are not recommending it just yet until we are certain about the software quality. We need to see the robot’s quality across different market conditions before adding it to our list. However, most of us are impatient and want a working product right away. Thanks for reading this FX Blaster Bot review. I would like to hear your opinion in the comment area.

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