Review is a whatsapp based Forex signals and MT4 trade copier service operating out London, United Kingdom. This vendor is quite upbeat and aggressive about what they think they can offer traders.

They even claim that you don’t need any experience in order to benefit forex signals service. This statement is questionable but we shall come to that later on in this review.

Also, is also asking you to deposit $1200 with their automated trading system which allegedly has a win rate of 16%/month. claims that this automated system will turn $1200 to $250,997 after 3 years.

Of course every signal provider making these earning claims should provide proof of the same before they can even ask money from traders. Is providing the proof that traders are looking for?

We will answer this question shortly in our review.

In the meantime, we recommend these automated trading products since their developers and providers of signals are honest, transparent and can back their trading with verifiable results. Review Review

We’re quite impressed by the professional design and presentation of website. This is something we have been missing in a long list of Forex signals reviews.

However, the signal provider lacks transparency which is key in inspiring trust before traders can actually hand in their wallet. Forex Signals appear to be main product followed by their MT4 copy trading service.

We don’t know how experienced the traders behind are. According to them, was founded in 2014 by a group of independent traders in London. Now it is one of the most modern, innovative and powerful platforms for mirroring trades made by professional traders.

Furthermore, they claim to be a team of Forex experts, traders and investors yet their about us page does not disclose who owns or runs the website on behalf of the “professional traders”. tends to focus on the products they offer as opposed to building transparency and making traders feel comfortable with them. Strategy

During our reviews of, we saw that the failed to provide details on the signals strategy. Their sales pitch suggests that strategy is based on Fundamental factors and Forex news but the failed to provide provide more information on trading approach and actual trading methodology. Strategy

Of course we can’t fail to notice these mistakes since is charging for their services and it’s our right to know how trades are analysed before we can pay for the service. Traders need knowledge on the actual trading approach and the risk involved in order to benefit from a signals service. failed in transparency pertaining signals strategy and risk management. Pricing

This signal vendor offers 4 signal plans in total. Depending on the duration of subscription, one can pay $99 per month, $267 (for 3months), $396 (for 6 months), $598 annually. Result is relying on promises of how traders can trade with their ideas and make passive income

They make abnormal promises such as 16% monthly returns and $250,000 when you deposit just $1200. Yet the vendor does not have proof of the same, not even a myfxbook account to prove that they’ve been trading professionally.

This is a common thing in the Forex signals industry. Most vendors just want to promise and sell based on those promise.

When asked whether they have a live account and can prove their profits, they simply back off. We feel that this is a money losing service.


Our conclusion is that is selling fantasies. There’s nothing to pay money for here. If you want to invest in Forex trading, get a proper trading product on this page and stop believing vendors who claim to make you rich overnight.

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Thanks for reading our review. We’d love to read your comments or opinion regarding this service.


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