Forex Zeon-X Pro EA Review

Forex Zeon-X Pro is an automated trading robot that claims to generate ”+155186.38% profit on real money accounts.” We are told that Forex Zeon-X Pro is the Next Big Forex Robot.

There are 4 packages available depending on the number of real accounts you can synchronize – Starter (1 real account) costs $199, Professional (2 real accounts) costs $299 and Ultimate (4 real accounts) costs $499.

The developer has claimed that the Forex Zeon-X Pro EA could not only sustain steady results on 5 live accounts but also blew all the competitors away by generating an astonishing profits.

Before you spend this much on a Forex robot, I implore you to pick important points in our Forex Zeon-X Pro review.

Nothing is known about this developer in the marketplace. The only thing we can say from our own research is that the website was created on 7 April, 2020. Apart from this, we can not ascertain the experience of the people behind the software.

Forex Zeon-X Pro EA review

Forex Zeon-X Pro Review

Forex Zeon-X Pro website wants to pass the old message that automated trading is easier than manual trading. According to them, they are giving you the opportunity to skip the struggle of trading independently and work smarter, not harder, by downloading their years of trading experience in just 5 minutes.

The majority of Forex Zeon-X Pro website content appears to be targeting the very naive Forex investors. They said that with the help of their automated software, you will trade side by side the many companies, banks and experts already profiting from forex trading.

When a trading product vendor uses statements like these on their sales copy, they come across as dishonest.

We’ll continue to say that it’s the reason most trading product vendor’s just can’t compete with vendors of these products.

Forex Zeon-X Pro EA Package


Forex Zeon-X Pro Strategy

Aforementioned, the Forex Zeon-X Pro sales pitch seems to target inexperienced traders. Newbie traders are usually carried away by promises of huge profits and easy life trading online. Much advanced traders will be looking for an actual Forex strategy used by this robot. Important details like how the robot finds trade and approach used for trading are barely disclosed on their sales page. You will see features like broker protection module, high spread protection, high slippage – execution time and money management. All these terminologies are basic and does not explain a trading algorithm.

Unfortunately, Forex Zeon-X Pro does not provide any manner of strategy explanation. We don’t recommend any software that fails to give an insight on the trading methodology.

For that reason, this FXCharger EA review was not able to score a good rating. Underlying trading approach was severely lacking.

Forex Zeon-X Pro Results

The vendor provided a couple of results but it looks as if the setup was done in a hurry. You may have noticed that most of the alleged results are erroneously linking to FXBlue. Probably, the vendor had in mind to provide both and FXBlue verified results but along the line things got mixed up. After reading this review, we believe that the vendor will revisit this section and setup what he had in mind properly.

Apart from this confusion, the results provided are looking quite impressive within their trading period. The vendor manged to keep drawdown below recommended average in the main accounts.

Forex Zeon-X Pro Results

The figures are looking promising only that the owners have failed to update these accounts for more than a month now. The trading results was last updated in the middle of April. What that means is that the vendor is not trading with this EA as it stands.

Usually, when vendors launch a new product like this Forex Zeon-X Pro, they update their account consistently for a minimum of six months. With that, you can see how the product performs across different market condition. This vendor needs to explain his inconsistency before we can guarantee the authenticity of his claims.


With a lot of errors and inconsistencies, the Forex Zeon-X Pro looks like a pump and dump project with no long lasting plan.

The website was setup in April and the vendor practically stopped updating their results barely fortnight the website was made public. However, this anonymous persons still insists that he will make you a consistently profitable trader.

The vendor should know that his work is not done yet. He has many blank boxes and revisits to make before we can give him a thumb up.

Thanks for reading our Forex Zeon-X Pro review. Our recommendation on this product remains on hold due to obvious reasons. Because the software is new, the vendor still has sometime to fix things before the final judgement is passed.

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