Forex Pip Killer EA Review

Forex Pip Killer is an automated trading robot that wants to ”grow your income with super power”. The EA is entitled the ‘Forex Never Loss Robot’ that works with any currency pair you choose. The developer believes that using Forex Never Loss Robot is the only way to improve your trading result instantly. 

If you want a reliable expert advisor for trading, we recommend using some of the solutions from the Best Forex Robot Rankings.

Otherwise, we strongly feel that Forex Pip Killer is yet another product that is peddled by a smart internet marketer and not a brand build by real professionals.

In this Forex Pip Killer review, we’ll tell you why we’ve taken a different stand concerning this EA.

Forex Pip Killer Pricing

The Forex Pip Killer robot is owned and operated by someone called Tihomir Deliev. There is no information about his location, and there is no clue about his experience and achievements in the marketplace. However, contact telephone number is in United Kingdom and he appears to run a live support facility via Skype and telegram channel.

Forex Pip Killer EA Review

The website of Forex Pip Killer is very basic and lacking in content. English language seems to be a major problem here and that could be the reason why the vendor of this Forex robot is shying away from details. You will also notice the bad English grammar in the ‘client reviews’ section of their website. It is safe to assume that those reviews were crafted by the same people behind the Forex Pip Killer website.

Forex Pip Killer EA Review

They claim their Forex robot can work with any broker and can also trade a small account balance of at least $10 plus, a support and recovery system.

Forex Pip Killer Features

Weekly returns, safe money management and trust is also assured with the Forex Pip Killer. They claim traders will enjoy financial happiness if they choose this EA.

This begs the question of whether this developer can show verified proof of their earnings with this Forex robot for at least 6 months.

Software Strategy

They claim the Forex robot uses advanced calculations to open and manage Forex trading. According to them, the EA is different because it uses more than one strategy at the same time for best results. This is really the only insight provided about the software methodology.

Forex Pip Killer Strategy

With hundreds of expert advisors published everyday, Forex robot developers really need to provide much more details to set themselves apart from the crowd. Usually, the best Forex robots are hard to code and so we expect to see details of programming.

Basically, this developer needs to provide thorough explanation of the trading strategy together with the procedure followed by the programming language. As it stands, we are left with no clue and still wonder whether Forex Pip Killer will prove its supposedly financial happiness.

Software Results

This vendor provided a redacted trading account statement from a live account with the SuperForex brokerage.

We were expecting this vendor to use a myfxbook account to display statistics because this statement sharing service is more transparent and easy to analyze compared to what you get from a broker statement.

Forex Pip Killer Results

The vendor is showing us impressive returns from an account that was allegedly credited with just $100 as starting deposit.

We don’t have statistics to show draw down, length of trades, average monthly returns, equity curve and so on. So we can also say that this presentation is not transparent.

We’ve had robot developers cheating us with fake trading results. Some of them include Forex LushFly Higher Nova, Big Bang EA and many others.

We don’t trust them for the simple reason that they were dishonest with the performance of their EAs.


Despite the Forex Pip Killer being priced above average, their website comes out extremely negative and awful. As a whole, their presentation comes out to be sparse and lacking in proper insight. We don’t see enough details that will convince a trader to purchase a copy of this bot.

Based on our observation, one should not purchase a license from this developer. The robot owner failed to prove that his software can deliver with any verified trading result.  There is no way for traders to ascertain the software real quality before buying a copy

Considering their inadequate presentation and lack of verified trading results from third party sharing site like, one can comfortably say this product is peddled by a Forex marketer.

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