Forex Lush Aurora EA Review

Forex Lush is the vendor of Forex automated trading software for the MT4 terminal. Their Aurora EA is said to be the most reliable and steady of all EAs that you will find in the market. Together with the free Tsunami expert advisor, ForexLush feels they are the right destination for anyone who is interested in making money from forex and expert advisors.

We’ll try and address the burning issues and also help you make an informed decision because this is a review of

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They want traders to understand that Forex Lush Inc is a company that is made up of a group of committed and passionate financial and technical experts.

Two weeks money back guarantee

Nothing is known about these people, their location, or their experience in the marketplace. The company is selling its expert advisors backed with a 2-week money-back guarantee.

Currently, Aurora and the Tsunami EA are the only robots developed by this vendor. The business website itself was created some weeks ago. So I’m assuming that we are dealing with a startup company in the first stage of its operations.

Forex Lush Review

On their website, Forex Lush claims that all their robots are built by state-of-the-art analysis on currency pairs at different trading hours, coupled with extensive back-testing. They also claim that their products are back-tested at 99.9% accuracy over 10 years.

Forex Lush EA Review

Each EA designed by Forex Lush has got its own features and characteristics. However, there are certain features that come across as common.

  • Tested and Proven Strategies
  • Inbuilt Money Management Capabilities
  • Any Currency Pair and Timeframe
  • Free Upgrade and Enhancement
  • 1 Time Payment, Lifetime Warranty
  • Compatible with MetaTrader 4 and any Broker
  • Quick 5min Installation
  • Customer Focused
  • FIFO & NFA Compatible
  • ECN Support

There are two packages available for the Forex Lush products – A limited license Offer ($159) and an Unlimited license edition ($199). However, they’re not upfront with the license duration.

Forex Lush License Editions

One has to contact them directly on their website or spend almost the whole day searching for license duration.

Forex Lush Aurora EA

The Aurora EA is said to be a fully automated mid-term, low-risk expert recommended for the EURUSD, and AUDNZD currency pairs. It works on a 5-minute timeframe and requires a minimum deposit as low as $100. The key features of this robot are highlighted as follows:

  • Adaptive price movement analyzer;
  • Dynamic offsets correction system;
  • Multistage profit closure algorithm;
  • Each trade is protected by stop-loss;
  • Not used indicators, martingale, arbitrage;
  • High-spread protection;
  • Time and day filters;
  • Flexible settings


The Aurora EA uses an adaptive price movement analysis module to select an optimal entry point and all open transactions are accompanied by an advanced control algorithm, which is based on a two-stage trailing stop and a multi-step profit-taking system. Forex Lush wants traders to know that the Aurora EA includes protection against high spreads and separate time and day trading filters.

Software Results

Forex Lush is showing screenshots of their previous performance but traders should be aware of a caveat that past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Forex Lush Results 1

Backtests no longer count. We need developers who put their money where their mouth is.

To a certain degree, ForexLush is better than some vendors like Fly Higher Nova, who do not make the slightest attempt to feign transparency.

Forex Lush Results 2

The vendor is also showing us a trading statement from a demo account hosted on IC Markets brokerage. We prefer vendors or developers who put their monies where their mouth is. So that means a vendor who trades a real account with his trading system or strategy is the one to be trusted.


Our analysis of the Forex Lush company shows that their project is still in the development stage. Their website was created a couple of weeks ago and their account is still running on a demo account.

So far, most of their work is more theoretical with a bit of actual software quality demonstrated. The vendor of these automated bots needs to show undaunted courage by testing their robot on a live account. Otherwise, backtesting is not much of a trust factor in this marketplace.

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