Forex GDP Review

Forex GDP is a new signals provider based on Big Trades, Trend Reversal, Big Trades, Commodity, News strategies. They signal vendor claims that the service started in 2001 and the new signal provider aims to earn between 300 and 1,500 pips per month.

In order to get in touch with support, traders can email [email protected], or add “forexgdp” on Skype.

Forex GDP Review

The reason why the want you to use their service is that if a losing signal is provided by any of their analysts, that analyst must step aside, and allow for another analyst to provide the next trade in order to protect traders from a string of bad decisions.

The website layout is convoluted as it is some sort of a hybrid between a blog and the Forex GDP sales page. In the blog portion of the website, there are generic educational articles, and brief trade signal analysis posts that give more insight into their trade approach. Both of these types of articles, are helpful but don’t offer much detail when it comes to their trade methodology, and what they are looking for in terms of trade setups.


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While the sales page doesn’t provide much information, there are more details available in their frequently asked questions page. One of the interesting elements they discuss, is their rotation of trade analysts. According to the FAQ,if a losing signal is provided by any of their analysts, that analyst must step aside, and allow for another analyst to provide the next trade in order to protect traders from a string of bad decisions.

The Forex signals is on all pairs and works for all the time frame. Pricing ranges from $84-147/month depending on the option you choose.


There are currently 3 options available for traders interested in the Forex GDP signals service. There is a free membership, a premium membership and a supreme membership. Free members get 2-4 signals per month, using basic setups, looking to achieve a target of 90-150 pips per month. These signals are sent to via WhatsApp exclusively.

The premium membership goes for $84 per month, and provides traders with 8 to 12 signals during this period looking to achieve a target of 300 to 700 pips of profit. With this membership, traders get access to trend reversal signals, and big trades signals. Neither of these strategies are explained in any detail. The signals are sent via email and WhatsApp.

Lastly, the supreme membership goes $447 per month, and provides traders with 16 to 25 signals with the goal of reaching 700 to 1500 pips of profit. This membership plan provides traders with all of the different trading strategies, full email support, and the signals are provided via email and WhatsApp.

Review Verdict – Forex GDP is a Scam

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