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Ford System Review

Ford System should be avoided through whatever means. We are absolutely convinced that this is a scam. So if you are looking for a decent Crypto trading robot, consider reading this post. 

Ford System review

Ford System Scam

You should probably know that you can’t get rich by doing nothing or using a trading robot like Ford System. Of course this is a generic trading software that was built through a collection of freely available trading indicators. That is why the owner is offering it for free in the first place.

Who is ”Ford” by the way? Ford is a fictitious character created by the site’s admin. Of course the operator of this site has to find a story line, and for that to happen without exposing their real identity, they have to create fictitious characters.

Therefore, Ford is a fictitious character. His photo is a stock image as well. Anyone wanting to utilize his image can download and publish it for free.

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