Fly Higher Nova EA Review

Fly Higher Nova EA is an automated trading software that claimed to have helped over 5000+ forex traders to get their results. The vendor is advertising the Fly Higher Nova EA exceptional Trading Bot of the future, and they believe that you can join thousands of Fly Higher Nova users to increase your wealth in such a short period of time even without any prior trading experience.

We’re reviewing this robot to see whether it can trade and give results as claimed by the developer. But first of all, the vendor is quite unfamiliar in the marketplace and we have no idea about his experience and reputation.

Fly Higher Nova Review

The vendor is working under the company Fly Higher Nova (Pvt) Ltd with Reg. No. PV00223299. They disclosed their physical address as No. 193/1 Gunasekara Lane,
Ekala Road, Ja Ela, Sri Lanka. Contact can be made via email at [email protected] or via their dedicated telegram channel.

Fly Higher Nova EA Review

The landing page looks contemporary only but we don’t know the reason for the short video clip on cryptocurrency. The developer is advertising an average minimum weekly return of 20% or more. Fly Higher Nova EA comes with 24/7 monitoring, support, and easy installation instructions.

Fly Higher Nova EA Review

In addition to these, the vendor of this automated trading robot wants the trading community to believe that the Fly Higher Nova EA has helped 5000+ traders to get results and it’s important to understand the following:

  • Experience #1 trading bot
  • Strategy to trade with the trend
  • SL and TP updated automatically
  • Trailling SL and TP mechanism
  • Easy 3 minutes set up

Fly Higher Nova says to have been trending since 2016 and so I expect to see countless reviews or at least feedback from traders who have used it before.

Software Strategy

There’s no explanation of the type of trading strategy in question. I wonder whether this developer knows that professional traders like us need such details before they can recommend or at least understand how the system works.

They’re only saying that this Forex robot works on trend but no further explanation on what approach is being used.

fly higher Nova EA Strategy

With zero disclosure of this, I cannot discuss my opinion regarding the trading strategy but at the end of the day, client feedback and trading results will help us know where to start.

I’ve reviewed a lot of Forex robots here but this EA comes out comparatively short in this aspect. Some of our recent reviews include Big Bang EA and Kiss on Billions on EURUSD.

Client Feedback

Upon the 5000+ clients touted by this vendor, there are no real Fly Higher Nova EA reviews on the internet except on the vendor’s sales page where they’re trying to cheat us with fake telegram screenshots.

fly higher Nova EA testimonials

The supposed customer testimonials cannot be authenticated at all. So in other words, you can use the comment facility below this article to start a conversation around this EA.

Software Result

They’re showing us screenshots of their previous performance on their telegram channel but that does not work nowadays.

As it stands, the 20% weekly win rate cannot be verified or substantiated either. The vendor does not provide proof of real live trading with this trading robot.

fly higher Nova EA Result

In short, the vendor is not willing to demonstrate the performance of this Forex robot simply because it’s a poor performer.


Currently, it would be hard to recommend the Fly Higher Nova EA because of the reasons stated above. There’s no transparency at all and it also appears that the vendor is focused on selling than talking about the strategy and proving the win rate which is being obviously advertised.

I prefer vendors or developers who put their monies where their mouth is. So that means a vendor who shows a real account with his trading system or strategy is the one to be trusted. You can see why the EA cannot make it to the best Forex robot collections here.

If you would like to comment, please do so. Otherwise thanks for reading the Fly Higher Nova EA review.

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