Easy Forex Pips Review

Easy Forex Pips Review.Easy Forex Pips is a Forex signals provider with a lot of secrecy around their services. The developers provide no information about their corporation, but we can see that they are located at 4 Dean Stanley St, London, United Kingdom SW1P 3JH. They tell us that they are a team of traders with more than 5 years of experience in the financial markets, but they do not introduce us to any of their analysts.

They feel that their expert team of market analysts set them apart from their competitors, and contributes to their 95% win rate. This is a very high win rate, and thus we need to analyze their statistics to see if they can back up their claims, with verified proof.

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Easy Forex Pips Review

Easy Forex Pips is a Forex signal service that promises a human touch to the process that most other products in this marketplace just don’t provide. Overall, the Easy Forex Pips website is quite barren of detail and insight into the service. The entire sales page is made up of brief, vague sentences that hardly paint a clear picture of their quality or abilities.

Each signal provides information about the best time to trade, the best way to place the trade, and the currency pair to choose. The signals also come with the entry point, stop-loss, and potential take-profit targets, which allow the trader to play a role in deciding when to close the trade.

Easy Forex Pips Claims

According to the website, this Forex signal service has 13,000 people in their free channel, 200 people in their VIP channel, and over 2 years of history trading. It’s unknown where this history is coming from because the EasyForexPips.com domain was registered for the first time 219 days ago. It’s possible that this vendor was selling their signals via a different service, or name but it’s also possible that they are being deceptive about their found date to seem more reliable.

How Easy Forex Pips Operate

During our review of the Easy Forex Pips, we saw that they stated some facts on how they deliver their Forex signals. They send signals between 8 AM and 12 PM GMT +3, during the London session, and utilize Telegram messenger or Email notifications for distribution purposes.

The website is aesthetically pleasing but lacks major detail in some of the most important areas.

Signal Breakdown

  • Type: Forex Signals
  • Price: $45-105
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Signal Frequency: 4-7 per day
  • Pairs: Undisclosed


Classically, there is more than one subscription plan for you to choose from. Traders can access the Easy Forex Pips signal service by purchasing either a one-month, 3-month, or six-month membership.

Easy Forex Pips Subscription

The one-month membership costs $45, the 3-month membership cost $75, and the 6-month membership cost $105.

Each plan comes with the same service, which includes 47 signals per day, 1 to 3 targets per trade, money management tips, live telegram alerts, and a promise of 1500 to 2000 pips per month. This claim, alongside the promise of a 95% win rate seems highly unrealistic, which is why it’s time to dig deep into their trading performance.

Performance Insight

At the SCAM EA, you will find hundreds of reviews of Forex robots, where we check to see if they are verified investment products or simply a scam. The way investors properly compare a Forex EA result is by checking to see if their results are published on a public statement-sharing site, like myfxbook.com or FXBlue.

It is quite disappointing that Easy Forex Pips did not provide verified proof for their claims.

The vendor provides the latest results table which includes 6 trades, which can easily be cherry-picked because they are not connected to any trading statements service like Myfxbook. It’s also worth noting that these results aren’t even from the VIP signal service, but are free signals they provide once a day.

Easy Forex Pips Result

These signals can also be found on their Facebook page, but they don’t provide a single record or statement with any of their VIP signals.

They need to make drastic changes to their trading results before the service can be relied upon. There is no reason why they can’t connect their signal service with a statement-sharing service provider, and provide the community with verified trading results.

Client Feedback

Many of the comments online refer to the service as an outright scam, and the vendor hasn’t shown face to say otherwise. This is a Forex signal service to avoid as it stands.

Our best advice for you

While the Easy Forex Pips website is very aesthetically pleasing and comes across as quite professional, they are missing some key aspects. There is very little detail about their strategic approach, and their trading results don’t measure up with their competition in 2019. We will revisit this review in 6 months, and see if anything has changed. If you are a struggling trader who would like to make consistent returns from your trading, make use of these products. 

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8 thoughts on “Easy Forex Pips Review”

  1. This FX signal provider is a total scam!! I have availed of their 75usd 3 months plan and traded for 2 weeks and the hit ratio was only 3/20 trades!! I have claimed to them but what they give is an automated reply! I have posted a comment on their official website but it was not posted since i wrote about the truth of their scam. I have read other reviews about this signal provider and we shared the same disappointing results. This is a SCAM!

  2. I signed up for the 1month vip membership yesterday. I’ve had 1 day of trading their signals and I can honestly say it was an absolute scam. I must have had around 25 signals sent. All were absolutely bogus… When I questioned it I was told I should have moved SL to entry as soon as any trades went into profit. Absolute nonsense.. Dont waste your money on these clowns. Luckily I only paid for the one month at £40… I’ll not be placing another single grade based on their signals. Utter rubbish.. In the Free chat the pip results they published from the days trades were an absolute lie. I should know, I placed every one. And I’ve got the proof and screenshots to prove it.

  3. They are scammers who send signals that are totally rubbish..
    Yesterday I traded all their signals and guess what I was in negative but they stupidly went ahead to post on their free channel that some of the signals hit +100 pips yet am on really bad negatives.

    Do not ever pay for their signals….!!!

  4. Jaime Uirindi Omar

    Guys do not pay this group, I paid two weeks ago and almost broke my account, they trade against a strong market trend and you receive this signal seeing with your own eyes that it is against the trend, and a stop loss of 4 times higher than the Take Profit. Stop loss of 150 to 200 Pips, for a take profit of 20.50 and 100 Pips. I almost broke my $ 2000 account, luckily I recovered and left the VIP group. In this all the number of signs and daily betrayals that he or they send are many, so you can stay a long time with operations in the red and dangerous

  5. son una estafa dan resultados de señales falsas y muestran ganancias ficticias que fraude casi acabo una cuenta de 3000 usd en 1 semana

  6. Acabo de pagar 1 mes por la membresía, después de todos los comentarios me siento estafado, espero si es así, hacer un video con pruebas para que la gente no malgaste su dinero aquí, de lo contrario haré un video con las supuestas ganancias de este servicio de señales

  7. ATTENTION for all !!!
    Unscrupulous deceivers !!!

    1. On May 5th 2021, they posted a special offer.
    2. When I’m connect through admin channel with and ask about this offer, the answer to me, that I must pay $68 USD to they BT wallet.
    3. After payment to those wallet they confirm that all is good.
    4. After 5 days when I ask, when they will start send signals, they answer was, you must pay again $150 !!!
    5. When I’m did explain that already paid to him money, and send confirmation screenshots, he ignore me and repeat that I’m must pay again 150 USD for 1 year subscription.

    I will be happy if my experience will prevent others from these scammers.
    Thank God I lost only 70 bucks, if they cheat at this step, I can imagine the quality of their signals!
    Now will copy this comment to all resources and social networks where present info about these scammers. “Thanks” for this lesson guys.

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