EA Black Dragon Review

Black Dragon EA is Forex expert advisor developed by Ramil Minniakhmetov. It is running on version 11.0 and was last updated March, 2022. The EA allows for 5 activations with over 9700 demo in use.

Black Dragon EA Review

About Black Dragon EA

Black Dragon EA is an indicator based trading software. It works on its own Dragon indicator and opens a deal by indicator color. Information is sparse, however, we see that the vendor mentioned something about stop loss order.

Apart from this, there is no other detail about the robot or the principal indicator it works with.

The robot is sold at an inexpensive price of $30. As expected, rental options does not come at this price.

EA Black Dragon Software

When it comes to the actual software of this system, the vendor also fails to provide information about the necessary recommendation and specificity.

I can’t say whether the robot is good for EURUSD pair or better with the USDJPY. Also, someone cannot figure out the right timeframe to run this robot.

When it comes to broker specificity, you can’t say the recommended leverage or the minimum deposit required.

Black Dragon EA inputs

There are a couple input values provided. However, someone cannot figure out how the EA works from this settings. You cannot say whether it is a news filter, follows trend, scalper, hedging or grid.

The vendor decides to leave everyone totally in the dark.

The robot has a signals performance stats which was started about a week ago. It was hosted on the RoboForex platform with a leverage of 1:2000.

Black Dragon EA Result

Signals result shows a total growth of 572%. Win rate is 69.6% while drawdown is over 49%.

Black Dragon EA Trades

So far, the robot has completed a total of 507 trades. The robot trades very frequently, trades per week is 428 and it has a very short holding time of 5hours.

How it works

EA Black Dragon is an automated trading software that works based on an indicator. It’s like putting a plane on auto pilot. Traders can sleep through the night calmly knowing that their trades will be placed exactly at the times they designated.

Forex robots are run based on automated mathematical algorithms, not taking into account things like market conditions that vary with political issues, weather and other factors.

The inconsistency of the market is impossible to program into a robot, and therefore the results of Black Dragon are inconsistent as well.

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EA Black Dragon is a Forex robot that does state any details about its logic or trading strategy.

The trading result is quite new, the E trades very frequently and the downdown is already giving us a negative perception.

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Wallstreet Forex robot

Wallstreet Forex Robot is a piece of software that works based on scalping. The latest version comes with a broker spy module that prevent unfair play by brokers during trading.

It costs just $267 and you also get a bonus auto bot systems.

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Black Dragon Expert Advisor


Trading Result











  • Performance result
  • Inexpensive


  • No verified result
  • Poor strategy insight
  • Not transparent
  • High drawdown
  • Few result samples

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