Cutting Edge Forex Review

Cutting Edge Forex is an automated trading software vendor that claims to build smart tools for ambitious traders.  Much is known about this group and their experience in the Forex marketplace apart from what they claim on their website.

To get in touch and support, clients should visit the cuttinedgeforex(dot)com website.

Cutting Edge Forex Review
Cutting Edge Forex Review

Cutting Edge Forex Review

Cutting Edge Forex is a vendor of Forex robots; SILICON FALCON, PHANTOM SCALPER,  ASCENT II, and LEGEND expert advisors. The Silicon Falcon is sold for $99, Phantom Scalper cost $99 and trades on GBPUSD, EURUSD and USDJPY, The Ascent II cost $299 and trades volatility breakouts on the 15min timeframe. Designed on EURUSD. The Legend software cost $399 and is a fully automated multi-strategy trend following and breakout trading robot.

Their EAs works on metatrader platform, a software that allow advanced charting, automated trading via Expert Advisors, a lot of customization options, and more. Anything that works on Metatrader platform works on Cutting Edge Forex EAs.

Trading Strategy

Cutting Edge Forex Robots
Cutting Edge Forex Robots

During our check on Cutting Edge Expert advisors, we saw that they are offering a basic explanation of technical analysis as strategy.

Silicon Falcon – is a Support and Resistance Trader.

Phantom Scalper – Reversal Scalper

Ascent II is a Breakout trader

Legend – is a Multi-Strategy Trend Follower, Professional Breakout Trader

Technical analysis is the framework in which forex traders study price movement. The theory is that a person can look at historical price movements and determine the current trading conditions and potential price movement.

Trading Results

This is where we have problem a big problem with this Forex roobots. Cutting Edge Forex fails to provide verified results for their expert advisors. One thing is to produce expert advisors another is verifying that the EAs work.

Cutting Edge Forex Robot Result
Cutting Edge Forex Robot Result

Cutting Edge Forex team provides screenshot which can be manipulated as result. Nowadays, Forex robots are verified in a transparent 3rd party statement sharing service like myfxbook and FXBlue. In these statement platform, you will be able to compare P?L %, drawdown and total gain % for each verified robot.

Compare Cutting Edge Forex

Taking advantage of these trading tools will help you make money consistently, see here.

DaxRobot is currently the most popular CFD and Forex automated trading robot, that was designed by European software, see more. There are no actual trading result because the variable are too numerous. Signup for a free demo at

If you are using any of Cutting Edge Forex expert advisors let us know how it performs with you below.


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