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FXCharger Review

FXCharger EA Review

FXCharger EA is a Forex robot that claims to ”Use Reliable and tested Settings to Get Stable Profit”. Allegedly, the EA always trade in profit thanks to a smart takeprofit. What’s more, the Charger robot saves your deposit with intellectual stoploss technology. They also want traders to take note that the FXCharger works on MetaTrader …

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Signal2Forex Cyberpack

Signal2Forex Review

Signal2Forex is the vendor of automated trading software for MT4 that claims to have more than 10 years experience in trading, researching and developing forex trading software (advisor, indicators, utilities). Signal2Forex offers different brands of EAs (12), indicators (1) and free robots to download (10). They believe that they can ”help you to find your …

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Forex Sugar Packages

Forex Sugar EA Review

Forex Sugar is an automated trading robot developed to work on MT4. It is owned and operated by someone called Brian Jones. Brian Jones claims that Forex Sugar is a revolution in automated trading environment. This vendor is telling us that with Forex Sugar, ”trading in the Forex market is profitable.” At the same time, …

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Ala Forex Robot Package

Ala Forex Robot Review

Ala Forex Robot is a new automated trading system with a couple of claims to prove. Ala Forex Robot EA is a Forex robot that utilizes the magic of mathematics. The developer whose website is claims that the Ala Forex Robot EA can generate monthly returns of between 10% to 40%, similar to what …

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FX Rapid EA Review

FX Rapid EA Review

FX Rapid EA is a new Forex robot developed by the Forexstore group. The obvious elements of this Forex robot is that it trades rapidly and does not trade against the trend. The EA is compatible with any brokerage and the makers claim that it is highly profitable. Many aspects of this trading robot are …

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Super Forex Bot Products

Super Forex Bot Review

Super Forex Bot is the vendor of typical Forex robots for your trading assistance. Currently, they are selling about 7 expert advisor collections with EA prices ranging from 60-150$. ¬†There is also a bundle price that includes additional 5+ expert advisors, 1 indicator and a binary robot at a price of $250. But before you …

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FXMath X_Trader EA Review

FXMath X-Trader EA Review

FXMath X-Trader EA is a 100% automated trading software for your MT4 plugin. Allegedly, this is the best Forex robot for you. However, their myfxbook profile shows that the Forex robot only generates +20.3% per month with a whooping 82.2% as risk ruin. To know what this means in your trading, read our FXMath X-Trader …

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